CML Microcircuits

- CML Microcircuits is a world-leader in the design, development, and supply of low-power analog, digital and mixed-signal semiconductors for communications systems globally. The company’s wide and varied portfolio ensures that CML devices are used in an extensive range of industrial and commercial products. Both licensed and unlicensed wireless voice and data systems are supported along wireline telecommunications. CML focuses on six key products areas: RF building blocks, digital PMR/LMR including legacy analog, wireless data, digital voice, marine communications, and telecom modems. The product range embraces a number of key innovative technologies that deliver solutions that are cost-effective, provide a fast time to market, offer flexibility and low-risk approach.

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CMX994x RF直接変換受信機

CML MicrocircuitsのCMX994x RF直接変換受信機は低消費電力を提供するため、バッテリ駆動およびポータブルアプリケーションに最適です。 詳細はこちら


CML MicrocircuitsのCMX655D低電力音声コーデックは、音声制御における常時動作に理想的な電力消費の大幅な削減を提供します。 詳細はこちら


CML MicrocircuitsのCMX901およびCMX902広帯域RFパワーアンプは、携帯無線端末やデータモジュールなどのスモールフォームファクタのアプリケーションに最適です。 詳細はこちら