SWS1000L Power Supplies

SWS1000L power supplies from TDK-Lambda approved for medical applications

SWS1000L Power SuppliesTDK-Lambda's SWS1000L models have a 4k VAC input to output isolation and low leakage current (<300 µA) while retaining Class B conducted and radiated EMI performance. These high voltage isolation and low leakage specifications are requirements of the medical safety standards per EN/UL60601-1, making these supplies ideal for applications such as automated pharmaceutical dispensers, blood analyzers, and gene/DNA analysis equipment.

These supplies have a low profile of only 2.4 inches. The operating temperature range is from -2°C up to +74°C. In addition, these supplies feature a low-temperature start-up capability with a 100% load as low as -40°C, making them a reliable choice for systems that experience temperature extremes. This includes outdoor-mounted equipment, including LED displays/signage, automated tollbooths, and traffic controls.

SWS1000L power supplies feature temperature-controlled fans, which minimize acoustic noise (up to 8 dBA less than competitive units) under typical operating conditions. This uch afeature makes the SWS1000L ideal for powering indoor systems beyond medical or laboratory equipment. Such applications include automated self-serve kiosks, automatic test (ATE), factory automation, and mechatronics.

Each model accepts a wide input range of from 85 to 265 VAC, making these power supplies compatible with global power standards. The SWS1000L features a wide output voltage adjustment range of up to ±20% to accommodate non-standard system voltages, while an external voltage programming feature (1 to 6V input) enables the supplies to be adjusted remotely from 20% to 120% of its nominal output voltage on most models. This unique feature allows the SWS1000L to be used as an inexpensive bench or laboratory power supply.

Other important features include a 12 V at 0.1 A auxiliary output, fan fail alarm, DC output good signal, and active current sharing for paralleled connected units. Lambda has included protections for overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature conditions. SWS1000L series power supplies are CE marked and carry UL, CSA, EN60950-1, EN60601-1, UL60601-1, and EN50178 safety approvals and comply with MIL-STD-810F for vibration and shock. All models conform to EN55011-B, EN55022-B, and FCC-B for conducted and radiated EMI as well as EN61000-4 immunity and EN61000-3-2 Class A power factor and harmonic distortion specifications.

  • Input transient protected IEC61000-4
  • Medical certifications (SWS1000L)
  • Active power factor correction
  • Universal input (85 - 265 VAC)
  • Low acoustical noise
  • Low cost
  • Low profile
  • LED signs
  • Automated service
  • Test and measurement
  • Medical equipment

Power Supplies

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