3M™ Card Connector microSD™

3M™'s microSD card connector offers normal polarization, push-push eject, and surface-mount technology

Image of 3M's Card Connector microSD

Features of 3M's microSD card connector

  • 1.85 mm low profile height
  • Small size of 14.0 mm x 14.2 mm footprint
  • Smooth push-push eject mechanism
  • Card is retained when mated
  • Card polarization
  • Will accept a card thickness of 0.8 mm
  • Mechanism prevents card from flying out upon ejection
  • Card detection indicator
  • Metal-shielded cover

Card Connector microSD

CONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A2908-05WB-MGCONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/Aアクティブセキュアデジタル - microSD™31511 - 即時詳細を閲覧
刊行: 2014-02-12