LulzBot Wiper Replacement Kit Datasheet by LulzBot

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Great for Beginners
LulzBot Wiper Replacement Kit, 5PK
This is a direct replacement for the wiping pad on the LulzBot Mini and
the LulzBot TAZ 6. Advanced 3D printer users can also use this to
help make adapting easy when upgrading their own 3D printer to use
the automatic bed leveling solution.
Users are advised to change out the pad when plastic build up is
visible on the pad surface and can no longer be picked clean.
Note: The black 3D printed wiper mount is not included. If a
replacement is needed the 3D model is available here.
Works with: LulzBot Mini, LulzBot TAZ 6
Parts & Specifications
Parts Included
5x White Polyester Wipe Pad
Felt Dimensions: 85 mm x 6.35 mm x 25.4 mm 4-11-18

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Available Quantity: 13
Unit Price: 1229