Amphenol Industrial Operationsが提供するRADSOK®,RADSERT™のデータシート

Amphenol’s RADSOK® enabled SMT RADSERT™ provides
a versatile interconnect for high current/high power board to
board mezzanine applications. The SMT RADSERT™ is ideal
for bringing power to the board from mezzanine cards or busbars
suspended above the board. Custom board stack heights are
easily accommodated.
RADSERT™ interconnects are low profile, single point, high
current contacts that can be applied to a PCB or busbar. Also
available with “Super Twist” technology for enhanced lead in
and radial mis-alignment tolerance to accommodate multiple
mating positions or blind mate applications. RADSERT™
termination options include SMT, knurl “Press-fit” or wave solder
with a current carrying capability up to 200A.
The SMT RADSERT™ is preferred for PCB applications
for efficient current transmission and ease of application
High power to board interconnect in a small package
Perfect for mezzanine applications
RADSOK® R4 hyperbolic socket design ensures many
points of contact
The SMT RADSERT™ is compatible with standard surface
mount board fabrication processes
RADSERT™ 2.4mm (35A), 3.0mm (60A), 3.6mm (70A),
5.7mm (120A) & 8.0mm (200A)
No special crimp tools required
No threaded fasteners
Faster through-put
RoHS compliant
Notice: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest Amphenol Corporation Sales Office for the latest specifications. All statements, information and data given herein are believed to be accurate and reliable but
are presented without guarantee, warranty, or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied. Statements of suggestions concerning possible use of our products are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent
infringement and are not recommendations to infringe any patent. The user should assume that all safety measures are indicated or that other measures may not be required. Specifications are typical and may not apply to all connectors.
The SMT RADSERT™ is a versatile, low profile, single point, high current
contact that can be applied to a PCB or busbar
“Super Twist” (ST) SMT RADSERT™ with enhanced lead in and mis-
alignment tolerance is available to handle multiple power entry locations and
blind mate applications.
Custom sizes are easily configured for specific applications.
Changing the collar height easily
adjusts to a different PCB Distance
Super Twist Thru board SMT RADSOK®Above board SMT RADSOK®
2.4mm 10-737490-001 10-737495-001
3.0mm 10-737491-001 10-737496-001
3.6mm 10-737492-001 10-737497-001
5.7mm 10-737493-001 10-737498-001
8.0mm 10-737494-001 10-737499-001 Super Twist
2.4mm 10-737500-001
3.0mm 10-737501-001
3.6mm 10-737502-001
5.7mm 10-737503-001
8.0mm 10-737504-001
Twist Female thread Male thread Knurl
Press fit Crimp Pin Solder Pin
2.4mm 10-737395-095 10-737401-095 10-737407-095 10-737413-095 10-737582-095
3.0mm 10-737396-138 10-737402-138 10-737408-138 10-737414-138 10-737583-138
3.6mm 10-737397-153 10-737403-153 10-737409-153 10-737415-153 10-737584-153
5.7mm 10-737398-178 10-737404-178 10-737410-178 10-737416-178 10-737585-178
6.0mm 10-737399-243 10-737405-243 10-737411-243 10-737417-243 10-737586-243
8.0mm 10-737400-245 10-737406-245 10-737412-245 10-737418-245 10-737587-245
Last 3 digits denotes the length of the pin diameter
that mates with the RADSOK
Example -205 is a 20.5mm long pin
*Custom thread lengths are available upon request
Bus Bar Knurled RADSERTTM
*Not for PCB use
Female Screw Pin Male Screw Pin Solder Pin
SMT RADSERTTM mating pin options
Custom sizes are easily configured for specific applications.
Male Pins
Non Super
Twist Crimp RADSOK®Wire
AWG mm2
2.4mm 10-737419-001 12 2.5
3.0mm 10-737420-001 10 6
3.6mm 10-737421-001 810
5.7mm 10-737422-001 425
6.0mm 10-737423-001 435
8.0mm 10-737424-001 1/0 50
*Other configurations are available
upon request
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