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Weller eil durch cine integriene, aktive Lotspixze. ng in KEINE Lmspilze enthallen! 12 V 40 W (55W with RT M511) approx. 3 s 50‘": - 350°C (120°F - 660GF) 100"C - 450°C (212“F - 850°F) RT MS Weller WX Stations oldering iron by Weller may only be used with W ly is designed for customers they are working a
Product information
Code No. : T0052921399
Active Tip Heizkörper Technologie
Mikro-Lötkolben WXMP MS 55 W, 12 V
- Für WX Stationen
- Sehr feiner, schlanker Lötkolben, der sich ideal für Arbeiten unter dem Mikroskop eignet.
- Hohe Leistungsfähigkeit durch eine integrierte, aktive Lötspitze.
Achtung Im Lieferumfang ist KEINE Lötspitze enthalten!
Technical data
Voltage (heater): 12 V
Heating output: 40 W (55W with RT MS11)
Heat-up time: approx. 3 s 50°C - 350°C (120°F - 660°F)
Temperature range: 100°C - 450°C (212°F - 850°F)
Tip type: RT MS
Connectable to: Weller WX Stations
Note:The WXMP soldering iron by Weller may only be used with Weller WX supply
The MS tip family is designed for customers they are working according to
The handles and the tips have isolation between the mass and the potential.
All MS Tools can be used like the standard WXMP and WXMT.
MS Tools and Tips must always be used together.
Active Tip Heating Technology
Quick tip exchange without any tools
Extremely short heating time 100°/sec.
Energy saving by standby function
Optimal reaction time
Optimum for soldering applications
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I Weller
Optimal tool where heating element and sensor are integrated in the
soldering tip. By lowering the soldering joint temperature a faster
reaction time is possible. With this tool the performance is exactly at the
solder joint.
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