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Statshield® Smocks
Grounding, Testing and Maintenance
Desco Statshield® smocks are designed to be antistatic,
low tribocharging, and create a Faraday Cage around the
torso and arms of the wearer to protect ESD susceptible
items from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the
operator’s clothing. Static control garments are intended
to attenuate electrostatic fields that may be present
on personnel clothing. Statshield® Smocks meet the
requirement for Groundable Static Control Garment System
per ANSI/ESD S20.20 required limit of < 3.5 x 107 ohm Rtg
tested per ANSI/ESD STM2.1 and ESD TR53 (23° ± 1° C,
12% ± 3% RH, and 50% ± 5% RH).
“While a person may be grounded using a wrist strap or
other grounding methods, that does not mean that insulative
clothing fabrics can dissipate a charge to that person’s
skin and then to ground. Personnel clothing usually is
electrically separate or isolated from the body.” “Groundable
Static Control Garment System, Garments that are used to
establish the primary ground path for a person shall provide
a resistance of less than 35 megohms from the person to
the groundable point of the garment.”[ESD TR20.20-2008
section 5.3.13 Garments]
Statshield® smocks are constructed of a lightweight
dissipative material which made from texturized polyester
and a minimum of 9% carbon nylon monofilament. The
conductive nylon fibers are woven in a chain-link design
Made in the
United States of America
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throughout the material, providing continuous and consistent
charge dissipation. All of the seams in Statshield® smocks
are designed to maintain electrical continuity from panel to
panel and from sleeve to sleeve in accordance with the ESD
Association Garment Standard, ESD-STM2.1.
“After verifying that the garment has electrical conductivity
through all panels, the garment should be electrically
bonded to the grounding system of the wearer so as not to
act as a floating conductor.” [ESD TR20.20-2008 section
5.3.13 Garments] The conductive fabric in smock is a
conductor. If not grounded, the smock can become an
isolated charged conductor. If not grounded via a wrist strap
coil cord, ground the ESD garment using ESD footwear to
ESD flooring.
The dissipative material becomes part of the ground path
to remove static charges. Statshield® smocks are available
in two lengths -- the lab coat length and the jacket length.
Both lengths are available in two styles - with snaps and
with conductive elastic cuffs. Smocks are available in eight
colors* -- blue, white, teal, black, pink, grey and orange.
Statshield® smocks incorporate a “hip-to-cuff” grounding
feature which allows for hands-free grounding with no
cord attached to the operator’s wrist. This feature allows
connection of a ground cord to a 4mm snap stud on the hip.
A seam of carbon-suffused threads provides a secure and
direct electrical connection from the snap stud on the hip
to conductive elastic cuffs. Statshield® smocks ground the
person when used in this manner. Standard touch testing or
continuous monitoring can be used to test the “hip-to-cuff”
*Fabric lots vary slightly in color.
Figure 1. Desco Statshield® Premium Lab Coat with
Conductive Cuffs. Also available in Jacket length.
Statshield® smocks are available in the following styles and sizes:
Blue White Teal Chest Sleeve Length
X Small 73610 73630 73650 30"-32" 33 3/4" 39"
Small 73611 73631 73651 34"-36" 34" 39"
Medium 73612 73632 73652 38"-40" 34 3/8" 40"
Large 73613 73633 73653 42"-44" 35" 41"
X Large 73614 73634 73654 46"-48" 35 1/2" 41"
2X Large 73615 73635 73655 50"-52" 35 1/2" 41"
3X Large 73616 73636 73656 54"-56" 37 1/2" 42"
4X Large 73617 73637 73657 58"-60" 36 1/2" 43"43 ½"
5X Large 73618 73638 73658 62"-64" 36" 43 ½" 43 ¾"
6X Large 73619 73639 73659 66"-68" 36" 43 ¾"
Blue White Teal Black Pink Grey Orange Chest Sleeve Length
X Small 73749 73830 73850 73860 74200 73775 73910 30"-32" 33 3/4" 30"
Small 73750 73831 73851 73861 74201 73776 73911 34"-36" 34" 30 1/2"
Medium 73755 73832 73852 73862 74202 73777 73912 38"-40" 34 3/8" 31"
Large 73760 73833 73853 73863 74203 73778 73913 42"-44" 35" 31"
X Large 73765 73834 73854 73864 74204 73779 73914 46"-48" 35 1/2" 32"
2X Large 73770 73835 73855 73865 74205 73780 73915 50"-52" 35 1/2" 32 1/2"
3X Large 73771 73836 73856 73866 74206 73781 73916 54"-56" 37 1/2" 33"
4X Large 73772 73837 73857 73867 74207 73782 73917 58"-60" 36 1/2" 34"
5X Large 73773 73838 73858 73868 74208 73783 73918 62"-64" 36" 34 ½ "
6X Large 73774 73839 73859 73869 74209 73784 73919 66"-68" 36" 35"
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Note: Blue, Black, Grey, Pink and Orange
Jackets with Cuffs contain Two Sleeve Pen
Follow the directions below for proper installation and
grounding of the Statshield® smock.
1. Put on the smock and fasten all of the snaps on the front
of the smock, making sure that clothing is not exposed
outside of the smock.
2. Throughout use, it is essential that conductive cuff (or the
wristband) be in contact with operator’s skin; the
conductive cuff (or the wristband) should never be
allowed to be pulled up and over shirt sleeve.
3. Install a coil cord to the snap stud located above the left
hand hip pocket. Connect the other end of the coil cord
to a verified ground point or continuous monitor.
Grounding Integrity Testing
For daily testing or continuous monitoring of the grounding
integrity of Statshield® smocks and ground cords, we
recommend testing the smock while worn and the use of
a standard wrist strap testers or single-wire workstation
continuous monitors. Panel-to-panel conductivity is essential
so as not to leave portions of the smock as isolated charged
conductors. Panel-to-panel conductivity is easy to test using
our Surface Resistance Meter Kit Item #19290. Place the
two five-pound electrodes on different panels to test. Unless
properly grounded, the smocks can hold a charge and
become a possible source for discharge to ESD sensitive
items. For additional information, refer to ANSI/ESD S20.20,
ESD TR20.20, ESD TR53 and the Garment Standard,
ANSI/ESD STM2.1. Desco has several testers available
for this purpose. For more information ask for specification
drawings or operating instruction manuals by item number.
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Figure 5. Testing and monitoring of smock and ground
cord assembly
Figure 3. Proper installation of smock wearer’s body
Figure 4. Grounding the smock
Figure 6. Testers
Heat Sealed Patches
It is possible to heat seal patches to our smocks. The patch
should be small and the smock should be tested before and
after application.
19276 & 19277 19784 19290
Limited Warranty, Warranty Exclusions, Limit of
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Statshield® smocks must be laundered periodically for
proper operation. Desco recommends Woolite. Liquid
detergents are better than dry because there is less caking
and frictional wear. Use only non-ionic softeners and
detergents when laundering. Launder Statshield® smocks
in cool or warm water, tumble dry with low heat or hang dry.
Launder Statshield® smocks by hand or with a washing
machine. Use a standard household machine on gentle
cycle or use an industrial machine if “Pony” (typically
under 200 pound loads) machines are used. It is not
recommended to launder these Statshield® smocks in heavy
industrial laundry machines because it will lead to premature
wear; degrading the ESD properties. Statshield® smocks
should be tumbled dry using low heat.
The carbon-suffused mono-filament nylon is sensitive to
heat and should not be exposed to laundering heat in
excess of 120°F. Under normal wearing and recommended
washing conditions, Desco Statshield® ESD protective
smocks will maintain their usefulness and effectiveness for
a minimum of 100 washings. Some other ESD smocks have
as little as 1% suffused carbon and lose their ESD protective
qualities after a few washings.
Fabric Weight* 2.2 oz per square yard
Fabric Content Texturized polyester and a
minimum of 9% carbon
mono-filament nylon.
Carbon Mono-filament Conductive at 1 x 104 ohms,
nonflaking and non-sloughing.
Surface Resistance 1 x 105 < 1 x 107 ohms, per
TR53 of Fabrics
Glass Transition Temp 250°F
Flash Point 1040°F
*Fabric lots vary slightly in color and weight.
Limited Warranty, Warranty Exclusions, Limit of
Liability and RMA Request Instructions
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