PYD 15x8, PYQ 1548

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Next-Generation, Low-Power
for Battery-Operated Motion Detection
PYD 1588, PYD 1598 – PYQ 1548
The new Low-Power DigiPyro “Gen2” 1500 Series is the upgrade
from our PYD 1600 Series which was introduced with great success
in 2015. The new generation DigiPyro addresses the growing
market requirements for added performance and functionality.
With significant reduction of supply voltage requirements, the
PYD 1500 Series operates at 1,8 V – 3,3V. Further, the new Low-
Power DigiPyro “Gen2” offers selectable band-pass function, and
improved selectable pulse count extending affect detection range
and minimizing sensor reaction time.
The wake-up / sleep mode promotes power savings and extends
service life, making it ideal for prolonged battery-operated motion
detection. Continuous motion sensing, signal processing and
event/motion detection is handled onboard by the Low-Power
DigiPyro, while the hosting microcontroller can be set into a power
saving mode. Only upon detection of motion, per its programmed
settings, the Low-Power DigiPyro signalizes the microcontroller to
wake up.
With this enhanced expansion of the DigiPyro Series, we now offer
a complete family of products in addition to PYD1688, PYD1698,
PYQ1648, and now PYD1588, PYD1598 and PYQ1548.
New Digital Pyrodetector Series
• IP Cameras
• Wireless Intrusion Alarms
• Battery-operated Motion
• Portable Motion Detection
Features and Benefits
• Wake up/ Sleep Mode
• 1,8 V Operation
• Selectable Band Pass
• Pulse Count Option
• Extended Detection Range
• Quicker Reaction Time
Infrared Sensing Solutions
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PYD 1588 and PYD 1598
Main Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remarks
Responsivity 3,3 4 kV/W f = 1 Hz
Match 5 10 %
Noise 20 78 µVpp
Operation Data
Operating Voltage VDD 1,8 3,0 3,6 V
Supply Current IDD 3 5 µA VDD = 3V, No Load
ADC Data
ADC Resolution 14 Bits Max. Count =214 -1
PIR ADC Sensitivity 6,5 µV/Count
Output Range 511 214 –511 Counts
LPF Cutoff Frequency f17 Hz
HPF Cutoff Frequency f 0,4 /0,2 Hz Selectable
Window Size PYD1588 x=3,4 /Y=4,6 mm
Window Size PYD1598 x=4,2 / Y=5,2 mm