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Keystone Corporate Campus Video

A view inside the walls of Keystone Electronics, a global leader in design and manufacturing capabilities.

Design Considerations for Sunon Sleeve Bearing Fans

This video from Sunon Inc, USA discusses the advantages and considerations for when to select a sleeve bearing fan for your application.

Sunon Customized Fans

Sunon Inc, USA discusses what the 4 digit prefix code is designating on customized fan part numbers. The customization can include connectors, wire twists, heat shrink, custom lead length and more.

Dremel Versatip™ Butane Torch | Digi-Key Daily

Dremel's 2000-01 VersaTip precision butane torch is a soldering torch ideal for users working on creative and detailed projects that require precision and versatility.

Smart Displays Serial Interface - 4, 8, and 16 Characters Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Broadcom's LED technology-based smart displays serial interface are ideal for applications in extreme weather conditions such as industrial equipment.

Ramis-B Multimode Digital Top Port SiSonic™ Microphone Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Knowles' Ramis-B SPK0838HT4H-1 is a miniature, high-performance, low-power, top port silicon digital microphone with single bit PDM output.

L6986H Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator Publish Date: 2019-07-19

STMicroelectronics' L6986H is a 38 V, 2 A synchronous step-down switching regulator with 30 μA quiescent current.

DWM1004-ES Kit Quick Start Guide

Decawave's DWM1004-ES kit quick start guide with downloadable TDoA Tag source code and related documentation.

CW Series Single-Band Connectorized Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) and LTE Antennas Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Linx Technologies' CW series single-band LPWA and LTE antennas are ideal for LTE cellular and ISM applications in plastic and metal enclosures.

Coming Soon BMD-360 Bluetooth® 5.1, 802.15.4 Wireless Module Publish Date: 2019-07-19

The BMD-360 from Rigado is a powerful, highly flexible, ultra-low power Bluetooth® 5.1 module based on the nRF52811 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor.

Emergency Pull-Wire Switches Publish Date: 2019-07-19

steute's emergency pull-wire switches have a positive linkage between the NC contacts and the pull-wire and they are equipped with wire-breakage detection.

Contrinex Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors Publish Date: 2019-07-19

This presentation will give an overview of the Contrinex Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors.

Duration: 10 minutes
DuraMate Family Flyer

Amphenol Sine Systems' DuraMate Family Flyer

PW Series Single-Band Panel-Mount Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) and LTE Antennas Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Linx Technologies' PW series single-band panel-mount antennas are ideal for LPWA networks and LTE cellular applications in plastic and metal enclosures.

DWM1004C Product Brief

Decawave's DWM1004C is specifically designed for TDoA tag applications but flexible enough to be used in a variety of UWB scenarios.

Coming Soon DWM1004-ES Evaluation Kit Optimized for TDoA RTLS Tags Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Decawave's DWM1004-ES integrates a UWB antenna, all RF circuitry, a STM32L041G6U6S Cortex™-M0+, and a LIS3DH motion sensor.

XENSIV™ DPS368 Ultra-Small Waterproof Pressure Sensor Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Infineon’s XENSIV™ DPS368 ultra-small waterproof pressure sensor is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature.

Mini-Fit® TPA2 Off-the-Shelf Single-Row Cable Assemblies Publish Date: 2019-07-19

Molex’s Mini-Fit® TPA2 off-the-shelf single-row cable assemblies can carry 9.0 A of power and are compatible with standard Mini-Fit Jr.™ headers.

DWM1004C Datasheet

Decawave's datasheet for the DWM1004C module.

Bel Power Solutions DC-DC Railway Solutions for Rolling Stock & Trackside Applications

Electronics in rail applications have to reliably endure some of the harshest operating environments: wide temperature swings, extreme shock and vibration, high humidity and exposure to pollution and salt mist.

Bel Power Solutions eMobility Product Family Overview

Bel Power Solutions eMobility product family includes power conversion products for eMobility and hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

Webinar: How to Prevent Counterfeiting of Medical Disposables

Anyone who’s about to undergo a medical procedure shouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of the tools being used. From one-time use to limited durations, specific conditions dictate the usage of medical disposables.

Instant Replay [Maker Update #132] - Maker.io

This week on Maker Update, a Nintendo made from wood, painting with Skittles, a photochromic clock, a camera that looks into the past, and a cabinet for curing 3D prints.

Texas Instruments LMG1210 MOSFET & GaN FET Driver | Digi-Key Daily

Texas Instruments' LMG1210 is a 200 V, half-bridge MOSFET and gallium nitride field-effect transistor driver designed for ultra-high frequency, high-efficiency applications.

Vox Power Ltdのユーザーコンフィギュラブル電源各種、Digi-Keyを通じて世界で販売 Publish Date: 2019-07-18

Vox Power Ltd、および世界的な電子部品ディストリビュータのDigi-Key Electronicsは、革新的なコンフィギュラブル電源ソリューションを24時間年中無休で全世界向けに販売する契約を発表した。

How to Assess and Use Zero Delay Clock Buffers to Protect Timing in Synchronous Digital Systems Publish Date: 2019-07-18

How to use zero delay clock buffers to eliminate clock skew and guarantee minimum system clock timing errors in high-performance digital systems.

Quick Assembly Set for LED Spots

Distribution box terminaLED® and twin cable – the single-source system solutio

SM768 High-Performance 4K Graphics Processor

Silicon Motion provides information on their SM768 high-performance 4K graphics processor.

The Need for High Frequency Connectors in 5G Communications

In this article, we look at 5G, the demands it is placing on connector technology and how Johnson is responding with new product launches.

Using Triaxial Cables for Low-Current Measurements

Guarded probing is proven and effective for measuring tiny currents in the picoamps range and below.

Micro:Bit is Making Its way into US Schools

The BBC Micro:Bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!

Mirror Mezz Connectors Publish Date: 2019-07-18

This presentation will provide an explanation of the challenges facing designers who create designs with faster data rates. In addition, it will cover the advantages of Mirror Mezz Connectors and list the appropriate applications for these devices.

Duration: 5 minutes
TLD5S/6S/8S Series

Taiwan Semiconductor officially introduces its 3600/4600/6600 watts High Power Surge Capability Uni-Directional TVS in DO-218AB with reliable thermal performance up to TJMAX=175°C.

ISP1807 Bluetooth® Module with MCU and Antenna Publish Date: 2019-07-18

Insight SiP’s ISP1807-LR Bluetooth® 5.0 module in a miniature system-in-package (SiP) format offers support for Zigbee, Thread, and ANT+ in addition to BLE.

デジタル温度計 Publish Date: 2019-07-18


Boréas Technologies

Boréas Technologies

ストップウォッチ、タイマ、および時計 Publish Date: 2019-07-18

FLIR Extechのストップウォッチと時計は、重要な産業/ラボプロセスの一貫したタイミングを確保します。

SM718 LynxSE+ Embedded Graphics Processor

Silicon Motion offers information on their SM718 LynxSE+ embedded graphics processor.

照度計 Publish Date: 2019-07-18

FLIR Extechの照度計は、正確で再現性のある測定値を提供し、大きな桁のディスプレイ、幅広いモデル、および堅牢なデザインを特長としています。

ベンチトップ電源 Publish Date: 2019-07-18

FLIR Extechの電源は、通常、より高い電圧を降圧することによって、デバイスまたは回路(電気負荷)に電力を供給します。

SM750 LynxExp Embedded Graphics Processor

Silicon Motion provides information on their SM750 LynxExp embedded graphics processor.

Why MRI Machines and MRI-Compatible Medical Devices are Dependent on Non-Magnetic RF Connectors

This article strives to educate MRI manufacturers and industry professionals on the relevant trends with MRI technology and how these trends impact the use of RF interconnect in MRI machines.


Canon CMOS sensors support pioneering solutions for advanced industrial, medical, scientific, and machine vision applications.

960シリーズ プラスチックプッシュピンヒートシンク Publish Date: 2019-07-18

Wakefield-Vetteの960シリーズ プッシュピンヒートシンクには、アプリケーションのPCB設計の穴とかみ合うプラスチック製のプッシュピンがあります。

How to Create EELs for Digi-Key’s IoT Studio

If you were using Digi-Key’s IoT Studio and wanted to use a sensor that wasn’t in the library, here’s a solution. Create your own embedded element library.

RF Interconnect for the Next Generation of Phased Array Radar and Communications

This article aims to educate engineers and industry professionals working with phased array antenna systems for radar and the new design considerations and solutions that help mitigate the challenges associated with building the next generation of phased array radar.

Designing a Vibration Isolation Solution (Part 3): Transmissibility

Concluding the 3 part series, E-A-R™ Senior Applications Engineer explains transmissibility and demonstrates the effects of utilizing highly damped fan mounts to isolate a fan from a PC system.

Designing a Vibration Isolation Solution (Part 1): Modulus & Shape Factor

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Application Engineer Chirag Patel describes a few of the key elements used in the design of vibration isolation solutions.

Quick Learning: RC thermal simulation of power MOSFETs

RC thermal simulation of MOSFETs is an important tool for early design validation, allowing engineers to quickly check the device is suitable for the power and temperatures associated with the application.

Quick Learning: Single shot avalanche ruggedness of MOSFETs

Electronic applications have progressed significantly in recent years and have inevitably increased the demand for an intrinsically rugged power MOSFET.

Quick Learning: LFPAK33 automotive MOSFETs in powertrain applications

Join John Feaster as he talks his way through the benefits of Trench 9 LFPAK33 MOSFETs thermally demanding powertrain systems, such as DC motors and BLDC motors.

Quick Learning: Introduction to LFPAK33 MOSFETs

Automotive power MOSFET package technology has greatly evolved over recent decades. have been leading the way with package innovation, from the first copper-clip LFPAK56 in 2003, through to the more recent compact LFPAK33.

Quick Learning: Trench MOSFETs and Safe Operation in Linear Mode - Part 2

In this video, Adam Brown discusses the impact of this technological progression on the operation of MOSFETs in Linear mode. Discussing what Linear Mode is and explains why MOSFETs can potentially be thermally unstable when operated in Linear Mode.

Quick Learning: Trench MOSFETs and Safe Operation in Linear Mode - Part 1

In this video, Adam Brown discusses the impact of this technological progression on the operation of MOSFETs in Linear mode. Describing what Linear Mode is and explains why MOSFETs can potentially be thermally unstable when operated in Linear Mode.

Quick Learning: Benefits of Low Qrr MOSFETs in switching applications

In this video Mike Becker discusses a less understood datasheet parameter Qrr, and explains how high Qrr can result in a high voltage spike, ringing & resonance which contribute to EMI emissions, and also reduced efficiency.

Quick Learning: Benefits of low Qrr MOSFETs in motor control applications

In this video, Nexperia’s Stein Nesbakk explains how the gate resistor contributes to MOSFET heating due to extended operation in linear-mode.

Quick Learning: What is LFPAK56-UL2595?

Ding Yandoc, Consultant Engineer at our MOSFET HQ, reviews the impact UL2595 has on traditional Power-SO8 packages due to the new creepage and clearance requirements.

Quick Learning: What is LFPAK?

Join Norman Stapelberg from Nexperia Manchester as he explains in more detail our ground-breaking Power-SO8 solution for high reliability, high performance MOSFETs. LFPAK gives industry leading performance in a truly innovative package.

Quick Learning: Developing reliable MOSFETs – how difficult can it be?

Listen to Dr Adam Brown as he presents an overview of what it takes to develop and manufacture the most robust and reliable devices.

Keystone 1074 Top Loading Coin Cell Holder | Digi-Key Daily

The 1074 Vibra-Fit holder from Keystone features a UL 94V-0 rated housing and tin-plated brass contacts providing low contact resistant and simplified through-hole mounting on PCBs.

Bosch Sensortec Hearable and Wearable Solutions Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Hearable and Wearable sensing solutions from Bosch Sensortec enable next-level wrist-worn wearable devices for the users of tomorrow.

SST26VF SuperFlash®メモリIC Publish Date: 2019-07-17

MicrochipのNORフラッシュメモリICは、Ethernet、Bluetooth®、Wi-Fi®、IEEE 802.15.4、およびFireWire®を使用するアプリケーションにプラグアンドプレイストレージを提供します。

Adding Non-Volatile Storage OSD335x System-in-Package

In order to store programs, files, and data so that Linux can boot easily and retain information across power downs, non-volatile storage needs to be attached to the OSD335x.

Bringing Up a Custom Bare-Bones Linux PCB with OSD335x

In this article, we will finalize the Lesson 2 board design and bring up the manufactured printed circuit board (PCB).

OSD335x System-in-Package Ground Connections

This article is the second part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson1 Power circuitry articles. It will focus on ground connections and pours required for reliable performance from the OSD335x.

OSD335x System-in-Package Power Management

This article is the third part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson1 Power circuitry articles. It will mainly focus on topics related to control and management of power for the OSD335x.

Energy Efficiency Gets Technical

Power supplies move closer to devices

ANSI C136-41 FLAシリーズ 調光レセプタクル Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Amphenol ICCのANSI C136-41 FLAシリーズ 調光レセプタクルは、調光対応フォトセルと商業用および商用照明用の照明器具との間の接続を提供します。

The Importance of LEDs in Switches

LEDs Provide Additional Options for Designers and Improve the Functionality of the Switch

Whatever Happened to “Programmable” Analog?

Programmable analog arrays seem like a good idea and complement the widely used FPGA – so why haven’t they succeeded?

静電容量式タッチセンシング用MSP430FR2676 MSP430™ MCU Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Texas InstrumentsのMSP430FR2676は、CapTIvate™技術を搭載したMSP430™ MCUで、超低電力で自律型静電容量方式タッチソリューションを提供します。

Linux Boot Process OSD335x System-in-Package

This article will focus on understanding the boot process of a OSD3358-SM-RED Debian Linux image running on OSD335x.

OSD335x System-in-Package ESD Protection

This article is the fifth part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson1 Power Circuitry Discussion. It will focus on providing ESD protection to a PCB with the OSD335x and other components on it.

OSD335x System-in-Package Bare Minimum Board Boot Process

This document will take you through the bring-up process of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) developed as part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson 1.

OSD335x System-in-Package Power Inputs Outputs

This article is the first part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson 1 Power circuitry articles.

OSD335x System-in-Package Peripheral Circuitry

To program the OSD335x, we are going to use the JTAG connection to the processor (later lessons will look at other boot devices).

OSD335x System-in-Package USB Circuitry

This article will give you necessary information about the different USB pins, how to put the USB peripherals of the OSD335x into the different USB modes, schematic/layout methodology and USB Testing for OSD335x.

OSD335x System-in-Package Reset Circuitry

This article will help you understand the OSD335x Reset Circuitry design methodology.

XilinxのFPGAおよびSoC用のタイミングソリューション Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Silicon Labsは、XilinxのFPGAおよびSoC向けに、十分な設計マージンを持つ、周波数に柔軟な超低ジッタタイミング製品の幅広いポートフォリオを提供しています。

Linux Device Tree Use OSD335x System-in-Package

This article will help you get started with Linux device trees by introducing the structure of device trees, describing some properties of device trees and showing you how to modify an existing device tree for your custom hardware configuration.

The Cost Effectiveness of Using Buck-Boost Transformers

Buck-boost transformers are power protection devices designed to protect electric equipment, such as motors and industrial air conditioners, from damage due to improper line voltage.

Introduction to Bare Minimum Circuitry to Boot OSD335x

The objective of this lesson is to help you become familiar with the bare minimum setup required to boot the OSD335x and getting it ready to execute software.

Why and How to Use Current DACs for Actuator Drive and Closed-Loop Control Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Used correctly, current-output DACs provide precise, reliable control of low current levels for many transducer and control applications.

Digi-Key Named to the Forbes Inaugural America’s Best-in-State Employers List Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, has been named to the Forbes prestigious list of America’s Best-in-State Employers 2019.

PUI Audio Customer Testimonial

PUI Audio’s ASE02506MS-LW90-DSM-R speaker delivers clean, clear, consistent sound in a super-thin package.

Big Wins So Far in 2019

Digi-Key has already received 39+ industry awards so far in 2019. Check out which ones in this blog.

Updated DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000評価モジュール(EVM) 更新日: 2019-07-17

Texas InstrumentsのDLP® LightCrafter™ディスプレイ2000 EVMは、2つのサブシステム、光エンジンおよびドライバ基板で構成されています。

Top BEAM Projects

At their core, BEAM robots are robotic systems that do not use a microcontroller or computer to perform their function.

FA2圧着アプリケータ Publish Date: 2019-07-17


Introduction to Bare Minimum Circuitry for Linux Boot OSD335x

Similar to Lesson 1, this lesson will consist of a series of articles which will walk you through every step of the design process. We start from specifications and guide you through every step till debugging the manufactured Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

Linux Device Tree Overlay Use with the OSD335x System-in-Package

This article will help you become familiar with device tree overlays by explaining the structure through an example, building a device tree overlay for the peripheral header of the Lesson 2 board, and then adapting the generic overlay for an example Click board.

OSD335x System-in-Package Clamping Circuit

This article is the fourth part of the OSD335x Reference Design Lesson1 Power circuitry discussion. It will focus on a clamping circuit which may be needed by your application.

UCC23513EVM-014評価ボード Publish Date: 2019-07-17

Texas InstrumentsのUCC23513用UCC23513EVM-014評価ボードは、モータ制御駆動や電源などの産業用アプリケーションに最適です。

Micro Speaker 101

Michael explains the similarities between a micro speaker and a standard speaker, and describes its three main components - the diaphragm, coil, and magnet.

Is DSM a Fit for My System?

Greg presents an overview of the speakers best suited for DSM. In this video, he explains how DSM works with the three most common types of micro speaker configurations: a speaker driver in a sealed enclosure, a bare driver, and a ported speaker.

Product Showcase: SparkFun 9DoF IMU Breakout

The SparkFun 9DoF IMU Breakout incorporates all the amazing features of Invensense's ICM-20948 into a Qwiic-enabled breakout board complete with a logic shifter and broken out GPIO pins for all your motion sensing needs.

Product Showcase: gator:boards - micro:bit Accessory Boards

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Between the micro:bit and shield-like bit boards you can do almost anything while coding, customizing and controlling your micro:bit from almost anywhere!

IDT ProXO Series Oscillators | Digi-Key Daily

The IDT ProXO family is designed for enterprise-level equipment that demands very low-noise, stable, and accurate timing/clock sources. The ProXO is a quartz-based PLL oscillator with a key focus on noise reduction technologies.

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