DFN51120 Spec Datasheet by TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

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. 1 Tybe Numb. _ ASMQSRP‘ A5MC~6fzaJ A5MC»1PDJ A5MC-15DJ: Awe-220) . . L35 L35 L85 * ‘ . Nommar Hesrstanca Va‘ua 5.1 n :Y 00 15a Sin Resistance relevance i 5% Raven Functioning Tempemum 139°C Hare: Power 1.6W Maximum open urcun wrrage 250V AC Maximum Werioafl power 70w UL C-UL VDE CCC UL,CvUL:E50082, CSA: LR40743, VDE1923000-1171-0012 Cut-off temperature is measured with silicone oil bath of which temperature is increased at the rate of 1 “C/min. Detecting current is 0.1A or less. Th and Tc are for C-UL(CSA) and COO respectively, O = f ‘1' % (mm) A 8 C D E 25021.5 Moi-1.0 Miro 0.3i0.05 0.51005 F G H I J 5.51-10 3.5%.? 3,5‘1‘: 2.0105 401-415
DFN51120, Resistor ceramic, 5.1Ω, 1.6W, 5% tolerance with thermal fuse
Manufacturer UCHIHASHI, part number A5MC-5R1J
Rev P1 Oct 16, 2007
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

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