LPF-C014301S Datasheet by Lumex Opto/Components Inc.

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UwaMfl%%lZED fléKZMflQVf 123100 [(210119] (4 PLSJ 305] [0300] (3 PLS) T 218E [0 859] A 508 E50 [0038] T a‘ A» 523 [0205] 4— * 360 [0142] @110 [00‘043]E 2380 [0937] L 650 [0256] REV. A PART NUMBER 400 [0157] A} F LEEV’:> [0200] PART NUMBER REV, LPE7COT430TS A REV, ECN. NUMBER AND REVTSTON COMMENTS DATE A ECV #11000 51003 T giQ g, 340 [11134] ‘ U U L 230 [0 866] 4 P03 LAYOUT 2211 mass] M: was] A (0 [’LS‘) T O T El EIEI EIEI EIEI E] 520 [0205] L50 [0659] ‘ ‘ H a? * 2‘00 [0‘07914‘ L $140,333 E <4 pls)="" mm="" moms="" as:="" [10261="" l="" 70002="" mwcqwfl%lzed="" docmmevt="" was="" mums:="" 5mm="" rmwca="" r192="" umm="" vwsmsm="" are="" xm="" (mum="" xx:2u5="" (mum),="" 0061025="" (mu).="" x.xxx:tn,n7="" [1d,du5)="" lead="" mimics="" (tum),="" lead="" lenmh:tu75="" (mm).="" w:="" qedqm="" www="" w;="" mam;="" wmmm="" t="" (3="" pls)="" +0.00="" 4):ch="" wmsxan="" lpeic="" t450ts="" the="" tnfwrmattdv="" emma)="" w="" thts="" document="" t5="" the="" pkdperw="" or="" lumex="" w:="" mm="" as="" spectfva="" wqutzen="" w="" wmvwc="" m="" [max="" ne="" t="" the="" holder="" cf="" thts="" nncwm="" shall="" keep="" all="" wmkwow="" 4="" htgh.="" rtght="" angle="" ltght="" ptpe.="" 3mm="" round="" lens.="" eanmnm="" mam="" cuwumm="" and="" sum="" mm:="" 5sz="" m="" mm="" m?="" w="" raw="" raw="" mscmsm="" an}="" mssmwmw="" m="" all="" wn="" mugs="" wguwmv="" nltte="" i="" iflggv="" due="" mw="" tents="" dt="" expertence="" data="" iceuwlatton="" tndtcate="" that="" drawn="" by.="" checked="" by:="" approved="" by="" date:="" 5="" 1‘3="" soluer="" mm="" ts="" a="" wan="" uuse="" or="" mm="" m="" rum="" mm="" page:="" w="" or="" 1="" pm="" pm="" mm="" m="" «m="" mm="" was.="" an="" scale="" n="" a="" 290="" e,="" helen="" road="" palattne,="" tl="" 5005775976="" phone="" +1.547.359.2790="" us="" wee.="" www.mmex="" com="" tw="" wee:="" wwmeex="" comvtw="">

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