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Product brief
The optimized solution for IoT security
As embedded systems are increasingly gaining attention of attackers, Infineon offers the
OPTIGA™ Trust X as a turnkey security solution for industrial automation systems, smart
homes and consumer devices. This high-end security controller comes with full system
integration support for easy and cost effective deployment of high-end security for your
Broad range of benefits
Integrated in your device, the OPTIGA™ Trust X supports the protection of your brand and
business case, differentiates your product from your competitors, and adds value to your
product making it stronger against cyber-attacks.
Enhanced security
The OPTIGA™ Trust X comes with an advanced security controller built on Elliptic Curve
Cryptography (ECC) with 256 bit, AES128 and SHA-256. This new security technology
greatly enhances your overall system security. Furthermore the OPTIGA™ Trust X covers a
broad range of use cases necessary to protect the authenticity, integrity and confidential-
ity in your device: mutual authentication, secured communication, data store protection,
life-cycle management, secured updates, and also platform integrity protection.
Fast and easy integration
The turnkey set-up with full system integration and all key material preprogrammed
reduces your efforts for design, integration and deployment to a minimum. As a turn-
key solution, the OPTIGA™ Trust X comes with OS, embedded application and complete
host side integration support. The extended temperature range of -40 to +105°C com-
bined with a standardized I²C interface and small USON-10 footprint will enable all your
embedded projects.
New: Open Source Host Code for OPTIGA™ Trust X
OPTIGA™ Trust X’s host code and documentation is now available as open source on
GitHub: https://github.com/Infineon/optiga-trust-x
Customers benefit from a direct communication line to developers and will immediately
and directly be informed of new versions, features and bug fixes. Be it the integration of
standard open-source crypto software libraries or the integration of the host code into
other systems – easily possible now.
The host code is licensed under the MIT LICENSE:
High-end security controller
CC EAL6+ (high) certified
Turnkey solution
Mutual authentication using ECDSA
Secured communication using
Compliant with the USB Type-C
authentication standard
I²C interface
Up to 10 kB user memory
ECC NIST P256 and P384, AES-128,
USON-10 package (3 x 3 mm)
Standard & extended temperature
ranges (-40 to +105°C)
Full system integration support
Crypto ToolBox
Protection of IP and data
Protection of business case
Protection of company image
Safeguard quality and safety
Industrial control and automation
Consumer electronics
Smart home
Medical devices
Key features
Key values
Product brief
Product summary
Type Description Temperature range [°C] Package
OPTIGA™ Trust X - SLS 32AIA020X4 Embedded security solution for connected devices -25 … +85 USON-10
OPTIGA™ Trust X - SLS 32AIA020X2 Embedded security solution for connected devices -40 … +105 USON-10
Evaluation kit Relax kit Board
Easy integration
Turnkey solution for fast and easy system integration
(chip + OS + app + complete host side integration support)
Industry standard I2C interface
Small outline with USON-10 package (3 x 3 mm)
Eval-kit with reference implementation and source code
Industrial temperature range support: -40°C to +105°C
All keys and certificates already programmed in security certified production site at Infineon
Unique key pair preprogrammed per chip
Enhanced security
for connected devices
High-end security controller
Advanced asymmetric cryptography (ECC256) in a single-chip solution
Comprehensive coverage of use cases:
mutual authentication, secured communication, data store protection, life-cycle management,
secured update, and also – from version X2 – platform integrity protection
OPTIGA™ Trust family of products
The OPTIGA™ Trust X is part of Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust family,
a full range of embedded security solutions addressing the
market of connected devices. Available products besides the
OPTIGA™Trust X are
the OPTIGA™ Trust B SLE95250, a product for device
authentication and brand protection
the OPTIGA™ Trust E SLS 32AIA, an enhanced security solution
for device authentication and brand protection
the OPTIGA™ Trust P SLJ 52ACA, a Java Card based
programmable solution with extensive use case support
Infineon’s OPTIGA™ family consists of products and solutions for
securing embedded systems. All products are based on secured
hardware and software. The overall product family also includes
the OPTIGA™ TPM line of products (Trusted Platform Module) ad-
dressing the embedded market requiring TCG (Trusted Computing
Group) compliant products.
Almost 30 years of leading position with nearly 20 billion security controllers shipped worldwide are the result of Infineon’s strong
expertise and its commitment to make security a success factor for you.
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