Extrusion Part Numbering System Datasheet by Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation

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A A A Valavn El: Extrusion Part Numbering System THERMAL DIVISION OF HOW TO ORDER EXTRUSION PROFILES PART NUMBERING GUIDE Extrusions are available in standard bar lengths, typically 8 foot long sections, but length A (Digits 1-5) = Extrusion profile base part number may vary for some shapes. Extrusion bar lengths are unfinished and may be ordered with a E (Digit 6): Cutting options finish when purchased cut to size. Full and half bar lengths are priced per/ft. Custom cut C (Digit 7) = Finish lengths are priced per/piece. The standard tolerance of all cut to length extrusions is 1 D (Digit 8'12) = Custom cm length 0.015inches(+ 0.38mm). E (Digit 13): RoHs Compliant To orderAavid extrusions in bar lengths, half bar lengths or cut to size, you must construct a 12-13 digit part number. For custom fabricated, Aavid will use the customer drawing 65340 1 E m Q number and revision level as the part number. A B C D E CATEGORY A — DIGITS 1-5: EXTRUSION BASE PROFILE NUMBER CATEGORY D — DIGIT 8-12: CUT LENGTH For a list of available extrusion profiles, please see www.shopaavid.com. Description 00000 Full bar 00000 Half bar CATEGORY B — DIGIT 6: CU'I'I'ING OPTIONS Custom Length Cutting Options 1 Full bar length 2 Half bar length Examples: 3 cm to mstom length specified using digits 8-12 If you wanted to simply order extrusion 8 60000 in standard barform, the part number would Indicate length in inches to three decimal places for custom length cuts. be: 600001F00000. The unit price would be sold by the foot. Description E Black anodize C Gold chromate F Mill as extruded finish (Used for bar length ordering) U Unfinished / Wash V AaVSHIELD3 AAVI IE mam omgop or m If you wanted extrusion 60000 cut to a length of 6.500" and black anodized, the part number would be: 6000035065006. The unit price would be by the piece. If you wanted extrusion 60000 cut to a length of 14.725" and a wash finish, the part number would be: 600003U147ZSG. The unit price would be by the piece. If you wanted extrusion 60000 cut to a length of 14.725" and gold chromate finish, the part number would be: 600003C14725. The unit price would be by the piece. USA: 1.855.311.1843 EURDP 9.051. 754001 ASIA:85 11 5115.1ooaxs111

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