PDB-C134 Datasheet by Advanced Photonix

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= Advanced PhoionixJnc.‘ Plastic Photodiode Package with Leads PDB-C134 77 l PACKAGE DIMENSIONS INCH [mm] L alwlavsl lm ll a‘Vl l allalaolll w. VlEWlNG ANGLE l he l l llalaolil 20953114 CHIP DIMENSIONS INCH [mm] r—T DWHSZISQUARE lug ll m SQUARE )CTlVE AREA .7110lzafll CATHODE I lmlzs4l .7 I 2x 010I051I EQUARE T1 PLASTIC PACKAGE FEATURES - Large active area - Photoconductive DESCRIPTION The PUB-c134 is a blue enhanced PIN silicon photodiode in a photoconductive mode packaged in a APPLICATIONS - Smoke detectors - Light pen detectors : mgiiseted water clear T1 plastic package. . TV & VCR remotes - Bar code detectors ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING lTAl:23'C UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED SPECTRAL RESPONSE SYMBOL PARAMETER MIN MAX UNITS $3: _. Van Reverse Voltage 100 V E can Tsrc Storage Temperature -40 +100 “C E 0.30 To Operating Temperature -40 +80 "0 E "1° Ts Soldering Temperature' +260 °C K :3: ‘1/16inchfromcaseforasecondsmax §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Wavolonqlhumi) “ V V “ ELECTRO-OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS RATING lTAl: za'c uNLEss OTHERWISE NOTED SYMBOL CHARACTERISTIC TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS Isa Short Circuit Current H = 100 fc, 2850 K 50 60 ,uA ID Dark Current vs = 10 V 2 30 nA RSH Shunt Resistance VR = 10 mV 0.5 2 GE) CJ Junction Capacitance VR = 10 V, f= 1 MHz 6 10 pF Mange Spectral Application Range Spot Scan 400 1100 nm VBR Breakdown Voltage I = 10 MA 50 100 V NEP Noise Equivalent Power vs = 10v @ A :Peak 1.8x10’” W/ w/ is tr Response Time RL = 1KQ,VR = 50 V 10 nS "Response lime ol10% to 90% is specified at 660nm wavelenglh light lMormatlon ln thls technloal datasheet ls nellevea to be curred and rellable However, no responslblllty ls assumed for posslble lnaocuracles oromlsslon Speclllcatlonsare smalecl to change wlthom nmlce Advanced Photonix Inc. 1240 Avenida Acaso. Camarllla CA 93012 0 Phone (805) 987-0146 - Fax (805)484-9935 - www advancedgholonixcom

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