SC-2ANK001F Drawing Datasheet by Stewart Connector

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ASSEMBLY FORMAT REV. 6/3/05 < length=""> —/Pin 4 0 Pi [[ on % © H _¥Pin 1 Notes: EZN Ken 1) Each cable assembly to be individually bagged, 2} Cable Construction USB 2.0 UL Style I 28 AWG 1 Twisted Pair 24 AWG x 2C AMA BRA/D 4.5mm 00 Black PVC Jacket 3) CONNECTOR PLUSH A Male 20 White Insulator, Gold flash on contacts, Nickel Plated Shell CONNECTOR P2:Mini USE 5P Male 2.0 black Insulator, Cold flash on contacts, Nickel Plated Shell 4) Hood Pl dc P2: Molded Black PVC Strain Relief 5) All cables tested for Continuity & Shorts ExamQ/e Parts Numbers Feet P/N Length SCi2ANK001F 1' SCi2ANK003F 3' SCi2ANK006F 6' SCeZANKXixlF —Lme 001:1Ft 003: JFt 006: 6Ft ZMZIDSIEB Pin IE] Pin 5 DATE REV EcN APP'D. BY 08/31/17 A0 Released JRC 09/18/2017 A1 11095 GWL Wirina Mao: USB 2.0 Hi-Soeed lmuwNNIE THIRD ANGLE PROJECTION @e sfieewenfi MWCT® a bel group 11118 Susquehanna Trall South Glen Rock, PA 17327*9189 (717) 235—759 mm: // DO NOT SCALE DRAWlNG DRAWING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TITLE- Cable Assembly, USB 2.0, Type A/M—Type Mini 5—Pin/M, Black DIMENSIONS: INCHES [METRIC] UNLESS OTHERWISE sPEaEIEI) TOLERANCES ARE tons [on] THIS DRAWING AND THE SUBUECT MATTER SHaWN THEREaN ARE OONFlDENTlAL AND THE PROPRIETNRV PROPERW OF STEWART CONNECTOR AND SHALL NOT BE REPRODUCED, may KAC W 08/30/17 APPD 5v: JRC W 08/31/17 For Part Numbers Not Shown F ollaw Part Number Key Format k SHEET News“ ARE 1 " ouPIED, OR USED IN ANY MANNER WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN M Nu. m 1 OF 1 CONSENT or STEWART CONNECTOR CT999153 AI 2 I AquCAD 1

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