DIB01 100A Datasheet by Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice (19.05.10) 1
Mounting Output Measuring range Supply: 24 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC
DIN-rail SPDT 2 to 100 A AC DIB 01 C M24 100A
Monitoring Relays
Product Description Ordering Key
Item number
Power supply
Measuring range
TRMS AC over or under current
monitoring relay
Current measuring through built-in current transformer
Selection of measuring range by DIP-switches
Measuring ranges from 2 A to 100 A AC
Adjustable current on relative scale
Adjustable hysteresis on relative scale
Adjustable delay function (0.1 to 30 s)
Programmable latching or inhibit at set level
Output: 8 A SPDT relay N.D. or N.E. selectable
For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with
DIN/EN 50 022
22.5 mm Euronorm housing
LED indication for relay, alarm and power supply ON
Galvanically separated power supply
Input (current level)
DIB01 100A Built-in current transformer
Measuring ranges
Selectable by DIP-switch Max current
2to 20 A AC 120 A
5to 50 A AC 120 A
10 to 100 A AC 120 A
Max. current for 30 s 250 A
Max. current for 1 s 2000 A
1-Phase True RMS AC Over or Under Current
Type DIB01 100A
Input Specifications
DIB 01 C M24 100A
DIB01 is a precise TRMS AC
over or under current
(selectable by DIP-switch)
monitoring relay.
Owing to the built-in latch
function, the ON-position of
the relay output can be
maintained. Inhibit function
can be used to avoid relay
operation when not desired
(maintenance, transitions).
The LED's indicate the state
of the alarm and the output
relay. Through the built-in
current transformer it is pos-
sible to monitor loads up to
100 A AC.
Type Selection
Output SPDT relay
Rated insulation voltage 250 VAC
Contact ratings (AgSnO2)µ
Resistive loads AC 1 8 A @ 250 VAC
DC 12 5 A @ 24 VDC
Small inductive loads AC 15 2.5 A @ 250 VAC
DC 13 2.5 A @ 24 VDC
Mechanical life 30 x 106operations
Electrical life 105operations
(at 8 A, 250 V, cos ϕ=1)
Operating frequency 7200 operations/h
Dielectric strength
Dielectric voltage
2kVAC (rms)
Rated impulse withstand volt. 4 kV (1.2/50 µs)
Output Specifications
Power supply Overvoltage cat. III
Rated operational voltage (IEC 60664, IEC 60038)
through terminals:
A1, A2 24 VDC - 15% +10%
24 to 240 VAC ±15%
45 to 65 Hz
Dielectric voltage
Supply to input 4kV
Supply to output 4 kV
Input to output 4 kV
Rated operational power
DC 1 W
AC 1 W / 35 VA
Supply Specifications
Contact input
DIB01 Terminals A1, Y1
Disabled Open
Enabled < 10 k
Latch disable > 500 ms
2Specifications are subject to change without notice (19.05.10)
Adjust the input range set-
ting DIP switches 1 and 2 as
shown below.
Select the desired function
setting DIP switches 3 to 6
as shown below.
To access the DIP switches
open the grey plastic cover
as shown below.
Selection of level and time
Upper knob:
Setting of hysteresis on rela-
tive scale: 0 to 30% on set
Current level setting on rela-
tive scale: 10 to 110% on
full scale.
Lower knob:
Setting of delay on alarm
time on absolute scale (0.1
to 30 s).
Function/Range/Level and Time Delay Setting
Mode of Operation
DIB01 monitors AC over or
under current through an
internal current transformer.
Example 1
(connection between termi-
nals A1, Y1 - latching func-
tion enabled - Relay ND)
The relay operates and
latches in operating position
when the measured value
exceeds (or drops below)
the set level for more than
the set delay time. Provided
that the current has dropped
below (or has exceeded) the
set point (see hysteresis set-
ting), the relay releases
when the interconnection
between terminals A1, Y1 is
interrupted or the power
supply is interrupted as well.
The red LED flashes until the
delay time has expired.
Example 2
(no connection between ter-
minals A1, Y1 - latch func-
tion disabled - Relay ND)
The relay operates when the
measured value exceeds (or
drops below) the set level for
more than the set delay
time. It releases when the
current drops below (or
exceeds) the set level (see
hysteresis setting) or when
power supply is interrupted.
When the inhibit contact is
opened, if the input signal is
already in alarmposition, the
delay time needs to elapse
before relay activation.
DIB01 100A
Dimensions 22.5 x 80 x 99.5 mm
Material PA66 or Noryl
Weight Approx. 155 g
Screw terminals
Tightening torque Max. 0.5 Nm
acc. to IEC 60947
Product standard EN 60255-6
Approvals UL, CSA
CE Marking L.V. Directive 2006/95/EC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
Immunity According to EN 60255-26
According to EN 61000-6-2
Emissions According to EN 60255-26
According to EN 61000-6-3
General Specifications
Power ON delay 1 s ± 0.5 s or 6 s ± 0.5 s
Reaction time
Alarm ON delay < 100 ms
Alarm OFF delay < 100 ms
Accuracy (15 min warm-up time)
Temperature drift ± 500 ppm/°C
Delay ON alarm ± 10% on set value ± 50 ms
Repeatability ± 0.5% on full-scale
Indication for
Power supply ON LED, green
Alarm ON LED, red (flashing 2 Hz
during delay time)
Output relay ON LED, yellow
Environment (EN 60529)
Degree of protection IP 20
Pollution degree 3
Operating temperature -20 to 60°C, R.H. < 95%
Storage temperature -30 to 80°C, R.H. < 95%
Relay working mode
ON: Normally De-energized
OFF: Normally Energized
Measuring range
20A 50A 100A 100A
Power ON delay
ON: 6 s ± 0.5 s
OFF: 1 s ± 0.5 s
Contact input
ON: Latch function enable
OFF: Inhibit function enable
Monitoring function
ON: Over current
OFF: Under current
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Specifications are subject to change without notice (19.05.10) 3
DIB01 100A
N (-)
Y1 A1
A2 15
16 18
L (+)
Wiring Diagram
Operation Diagrams
Over current - N.D. relay
Under current - N.D. relay
Under current - Latch function - N.D. relay
Over current - Inhibit function - N.D. relay

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