VC Series Datasheet by Wakefield-Vette

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Standard Vapor Chambers
Wakefield-Vette’s standard vapor chambers offer superior thermal spreading performance
over traditional solid metal heat spreaders by taking advantage of two-phase liquid/vapor
transport. Their lower weight and height over traditional solutions couples with their high
thermal conductivity to give extremely low thermal resistance in-plane as well as through the
thickness of the vapor chamber. Vapor Chambers are best suited for components with high
heat densities (larger TDP in small chip sizes) which need to spread their heat to a larger area
heat exchanger to achieve safe operating temperatures, thereby providing extended life and
reliability for components and applied products
VC-1131-8175-517 Product Info Description
Dimension(mm)L113mm / W81.8mm / T5.7mm
Operation Power180W~
Product Info Details
Thermal Resistance0.145/W
Operation Temp.40~130
WKV Part # Product Description
Resistance length width thickness qMax
Standard Vapor Chamber 113.1mm x 81.75mm X 5.17mm
0.145 113.1 81.75 5.7 180W~
VC-90-90-3 Standard Vapor Chamber 90mm x 90mm x 3.00mm 0.143 90 90 3 150W~
VC-106-70-3 Standard Vapor Chamber 106mm x70mm x 3mm 0.150 106 70 3 150W~
VC-106-82-3 Standard Vapor Chamber 106mm x 82mm x 3mm 0.140 106 82 3 150W~
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Standard Vapor Chambers
VC-90-90-3 Product Info Description
Dimension(mm)L90mm / W90mm / T3mm
Operation Power150W~
Product Info Details
Thermal Resistance0.143/W
Operation Temp.40~140
PlatformIntel 2011 Square
VC-106-70-3 Product Info Description
Dimension(mm)L106mm / W70mm / T3mm
Operation Power150W~
Product Info Details
Thermal Resistance0.150/W
Operation Temp.40~140
PlatformIntel 2011 Narrow
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Standard Vapor Chambers
Product Info Description
Dimension(mm)L106mm / W82mm / T3mm
Operation Power150W~
Product Info Details
Thermal Resistance0.140/W
Operation Temp.40~140
PlatformIntel 2011 Narrow

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