NXQ1TXH5, NXQ1TXL5 Brochure Datasheet by NXP USA Inc.

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Flexible and simple design: build a complete high-end performance 5 V Qi Version 1.2
compliant low power wireless charging transmitter, with a standby power of less than 10 mW.
Integrated low cost
Qi wireless charging
Plug ‘n play low power wireless charging
transmitters for cost-sensitive applications
`Qi Low Power version 1.2 compliant
`Transmit power up to 8W
`Fully integrated transmitter with integrated power stages
`Low-power technology based on CoolFluxTM DSP
`Extremely low component count and easy-to-design solution
`Small product package: HVQFN32 (5 x 5 mm)
`Standby power of < 10 mW, including device detection
`ASK with a DSP for reliable communication
`Easy FOD tuning (2 resistors) for Qi version 1.2 certification
`High efficiency from 1W to 5W charging applications
`Ideal for smartphone and wearable charging applications
`Extremely small application size and easy to design
`Very low standby power including analog & digital ping
`Safe operation with FOD and optional NTC
` Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi certified/compliant
wireless power transmitters
` Wireless charger for (smart)phones, toys, shavers, and other
handheld devices, smartwatches and wearables, with high
efficiency and small form factor
Designed for superior performance in size- and cost-optimized
5 V Qi wireless chargers, the NXP NXQ1TXH5 wireless charging
transmitter integrates everything from power control, signal
processing, on-chip current and voltage measurement up to a
fullbridge output power stage, with output power of 8W and a
standby power as low as only 10 mW. The NXQ1TXH5 meets all
the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi low power version
1.2 specifications and is ideally suitable for a Qi certified design
that is future proof.
Exceptionally high integration and advanced functionality serve
to reduce footprint and standby power consumption, while
making the design of a wireless charger very simple.
In addition to the Qi coil and resonant capacitors, the NXQ1TXH5
requires very few external components. Also the Foreign
Object Detection (FOD) tuning has been made very simple and
adjustment to any Qi coil and any application is done by only
2 external resistors. The device comes in a very small, 32 pin
HVQFN package (SOT617-3) of 5 x 5 mm with a 0.5 mm pitch.
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NXQ1TXH5 Pinning NXQ1TXL5 Pinning
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Date of release: February 2016
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The NXQ1TXH5 integrates NXPs low-power CoolFluxTM DSP
technology and many high-performance mixed-signal features,
like extremely low power device detection during standby, and
Foreign Object Detection (FOD) for safe wireless charging.
The CoolFluxTM DSP processor performs dual channel ASK
demodulation, for reliable interoperability with Qi receivers.
Special ultra low-power circuitry detects devices placed on the
wireless charger.
The NXQ1TXH5 can be powered by a USB port or USB
charger. Using the on-chip Smart Power function, the
NXQ1TXH5 detects a drop in the supply voltage and, in
response, reduces the transmitted output power. This makes
it possible for the design to use a USB port capable of only low
output power.
The NXQ1TXL5 is an ever further simplified and cost-optimized
device with the same excellent charging performance of the
NXQ1TXH5, but without the FOD function and configuration
options. The NXQ1TXL5 still fits into existing NXQ1TXH5 PCB
designs, or a special low cost PCB design. For extremely cost-
sensitive applications that do not need Qi certification, but
still the complete performance of a 5W wireless charger the
NXQ1TXL5 is the perfect candidate.
NXQ1TXH5 Circuit Diagram

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