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TOSHIBA T2N7002BK MOSFETs Silicon N-Channel MOS T2N7OOZBK 1. Applications High'Specd Switching 2. Features (1) ESD(HBM) level 2 k\' (2) Low dram'source on-remiame 3 Rummy) : 1.05 a (131).) (@V RnsmN) : 1 1512(typ.) (@v Rl>s(tm):1.2 Q ((pr (@ 3. Packaging and Internal Circuit 3 3 Ti 1 s i A? 4%} 2 5:"; 2 3 Drain —i U U 1 2 1 SOT23 Stan of commercial production 2015-05 @2015 Toshiba Corporation 1 2015-08-25 Rev.1.0
TOSHIBA T2N7OOZBK 4. Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note) (Unless otherwise specified, Ta = 25 “0) characteristics Symboi Rating Unit Drain-source voltage V055 60 V Gate-source uoltage VSSS 720 Brain current (DC) (Note t) In 400 mA Drain current (pulsed) (Note i). (Nate 2) lop 120a Powerdissipation (Note 3) PD 320 mW Fowerdissipation (Note A) 1000 Channel temperature To. iso “0 Storage temperature Tog 755 to 150 Note Using continuously under heavy loads (eg the application or high temperature/current/voltage and the significant change in temperature etc.) may cause this product to decrease in the reliability signiiicantiy even lithe operating conditions (Le. operating temperature/currenUvoitage. etc.) are Within the absoiute maximum ratings Please design the appropriate reliability upon reviewmg the Toshiba Semiconductor Reliability Handbook (“Handling Frecautlons"/“Deratirig Concept and Methods") and Individual reiiabliity data (i e reliability test report and estimated failure rate. etc) Note 1 Ensure that the channei temperature does not exceed 150 “C. Note 2 Repetitive rating. pulse Width limited by maximum channel temperature pulse width < it)="" us,="" duly=""><1 %="" note="" 3="" device="" mounted="" on="" a="" 25="" 4="" mm="" x="" 25="" 4="" mm="" x16="" mm="" fr—4="" glass="" epoxy="" board="" (cu="" pad="" 0="" 42="" mm2="" x="" 3)="" note="" 4="" device="" mounted="" on="" a="" 25.4="" mm="">< 25.4="" mm="" x="" 1.6="" mm="" fra="" glass="" epoxy="" board="" (cu="" pad="" 645="" mm)="" note="" this="" transistor="" is="" sensitive="" to="" electrostatic="" discharge="" and="" should="" he="" handled="" wrth="" care.="" note="" the="" mosfets="" in="" this="" device="" are="" sensitive="" to="" electrostatic="" discharge.="" when="" handling="" this="" device.="" theworktabies.="" operators.="" soldering="" irons="" and="" other="" ooiects="" should="" be="" protected="" against="" anti—static="" discharge="" note="" the="" channel-to-arribient="" thermal="" resistance.="" rrh(eh.at.="" and="" the="" drain="" power="" dissipation="" pd.="" vary="" according="" to="" the="" board="" material,="" board="" area.="" board="" thickness="" and="" pad="" area="" when="" using="" this="" device,="" he="" sure="" to="" lake="" heat="" dissipatiun="" iully="" into="" account="" @2015="" toshiba="" corporation="" 2="" 2015-08-25="" rev.="" 1="" .0="">
TOSHIBA T2N7002BK 5. Electrical Characteristics 5.1. Static Characteristics (Unless othenuise specified. Ta = 25 °C) Charactenstlcs Symbol Test Condltlon Mm Typ Max Unlt Gale leakage current less vGS : ~11; v. VDs : n v 7 7 +11) M Drain 5141-011 current loss v05 = so v. v65 = o v 7 7 1 Drain-source breakdown voltage VIamass lD = 250 VA, VGS = o v so 7 v Gale threshold voltage Vm lD : 250 “A. VDs : v65 1 1 7 2.1 Dralnrsauroe omresrs1ance (Note 1) RDS‘OM lD =1oo "1&sz =10 v 7 1.05 1.5 n lD:tOUmA,VGs:50V 7 115 155 lu:1oo mA.sz:4.5v 7 1.2 175 Forward transteradmlltance (Note 1) ‘Yls‘ Vus =10 v.1U = 20o mA 7 1.0 5 Note 1 Pulse measurement 5.2. Dynamic Characteristics (Unless otherwise specified, T2. = 25 °C) Characterislics Symbol Test Conditlon Min Typ Max Unit Input capacllahce c.n VDS =10 v, V“ = o v. 7 26 40 pF Reverse 1rzhslel capacltance C,“ ': 1 MH‘ 7 1 3 Output capacltance Ca“ 7 5.5 slmlchlhg time (rlse tlme) 1, VDD = 3n V. ID = 200 mA 7 3.6 hs Swl|chlhg tlme (tum-oh delay time) 1W. gify:<"1:2“‘z:’l|ffi:fl:1 7="" 5.5="" 11="" swllchlhg="" tlme="" hall="" ma)="" (1="" common="" sauree.="" see="" chapter="" 5="" 3="" 7="" ‘7="" swuchlhg="" time="" (turn-oft="" delay="" tlme)="" two="" 7="" as="" 90="" 5.3.="" switching="" time="" test="" circuit="" .="" .="" 90="" n/="" 10="" v="" our="" °="" in="" .="" .10="" %="" o="" a?="" 0="" v="" .._l="" _="" 10="" as="" v="" ..__="" no="" 90%.="" .="" t.—="" vdd="" .="" ..="" 10="" 0/:="" .="" .="" .="" vdslonl="" tr="" |1="" lawn)="" lute")="" fig.="" 5.3.1="" switching="" time="" test="" circuit="" fig.="" 5.3.2="" input="" wavefomi/output="" waveform="" 5.4.="" gate="" charge="" characteristics="" (unless="" othemise="" specified,="" ta="25" “0)="" characterlsllcs="" symbol="" test="" condltlon="" mm="" typ="" max="" unlt="" total="" gate="" charge="" (gatersource="" plus="" gateeuraln)="" 09="" v55="" :="" :10="" v.="" v55="" :="" a="" 5="" v.="" 7="" u="" 39="" l)="" 6="" he="" gatersource="" charge="" 119.="" ‘d="2““" "‘a="" 7="" 0.2="" gate-drain="" charge="" 0w="" 7="" 011="" @2015="" toshiba="" corporation="" 3="" 2015-08-25="" rev.1.0="">
TOSHIBA T2N7OOZBK 5.5. Source-Drain Characteristics (Unless othemise specified, Ta = 25 °C) Characteristics Symboi Test Condition Min Typ Max Unit Diode Varward voiizge (Nole1) Vusr i0 = 415 mA, vcs = o v 7 -o.79 -1 1 v Note 1 Pulse measurement 6. Marking 3 2 @2015 Toshiba Corporation 4 2015-08-25 Rev.1.0
TOSHIBA 7. Characteristics Curves (Note) ‘ 2 ‘ n 0mm mum m V 1.:25‘6 3 na 9 E u 2 M E a M n u m 20 30 m Drain-souroevoxmge VDS (v; Fig. 7.1 In-VDs cummm r..2s~c § mm. a fig a 2 g g = 2 fix a: E n o 02 a. as on m n Draincurvenl ID (A! Fig.7.: RDS(ON)-ID 25 commune N‘s“... g 20 § // $9 ‘5 E g worm/15v 8 g .D.muwvcs.mv - m ‘ 3 a w e Ex g mam/5w fi .5 as n ,9, n in m 150 Amblenuemperahue Ta VG) Flg. 7.5 R950“) - T. ("W Drain curvem Dram-mums an-rasuslama RDStON) (m {V} Gale thresho‘d voltage vm rsn T2N7OOZBK Ccmman mums vns = 5 V was ml m 2n an An Gate-saurcevollage v65 (V) Fig. 7.2 In - Ves u: = mo mA Gammon 5:7qu m. as! 2 o 5 a 10 Gaxe-souvoevonage Ves (V) Fig. 7.4 RDS(oN)-VGS Con-mun 50mm vDs . ves m = n 25 m a fin mo ‘50 Ammenuempemure Ta (”0) Fig. 7.5 vm — 'r. @2015 Toshiba Corporation 2015-08-25 Rev. 1 .0
TOSHIBA T2N7OOZBK mo if e m o a) 2 E 3 t m o Emnmonsoume rum tz’iMHz v =ov m (35 at 1 m m Drainrsouroevoitage Vns w) Fig.7.7 C-Vns m Commonwurze A Iron a 5725 c m w > .1, s 3.3 S 4 g VDD=3ov a E 2 1n 0 0 oz m as on Tolalgalecharge cg (n0) Fig. 7.9 Dynamic Input Characteristics mun gedance mo E (. m. m E «1 E a: 5 E E s ,_ stugmm Mounted on rm board a Isnmmxzsnmmx ‘ www.cuvm “mum n zsnmmqsnmm i smcwm 645/”! 0M1 am at i «0 mo mun Pulsewldlh 'w (s) Fig. 7.11 rm-tw (mA) ‘nR Dram reverse currenl (n5) Switching lime t (A) In Dram current 4““ Common some: sz = a v Puke teal a r2. = 15D ”a mu fl 1m»: 2m mo 725‘: n2 m 706 as m 42 Drainrsourcevoitage Vns (V) Fig. 7-5 InR - Vns 0mm more. R5 = 5m: 1 w mu moo Dramcurreni ID (mA) Fig. 7.10 l-ID "us area muss by Roman; o 1 no upemmn I=mn§' 'quie pulse Ya :25 '0 curves mun he denied warm". Wrasse m wmwramm mm on rm mm i15Ammx15‘mmvi5mm Cu m Nimm’v not a mu VDss "lax m t m ma Drain-sourcevoitsge Vns M Fig. 7.12 Safe Operating Area Mole The above characteristics curves are presenied ior reference oniy and not guaranteed by production lest. uniess otherwlse Hated. @2015 Toshiba Corporation 2015-08-25 Rev. 1 .0
TOSHIBA T2N7002BK Package Dimensions um mm KL! E1 0.11035 H q N 9 e , , n a w \ N M ‘ 1 ‘ 2+ ' +0.! 0.4 “"5 <9 ,1o®fl="" e="" a="" e="" 9="" m.="" 3="" a="" o="" wewgm="" 01312590341)="" package="" name(s)="" toshiba="" 2-3ab1a="" chkname="" sotzs="" @2015="" toshiba="" corporation="" 7="" 2015-08-25="" rev.1.0="">
TOSHIBA T2N7002BK RESTRICTIONS ON PRODUCT USE Toshiba Corporation, and its subsidiaries and amliates (OuIlecIIver “TOSHIBA"), reserve the right to make changes to the information in this document. and related hardware. SOflwzre and systems (collectively "Prot1ut:l")wlthout notice. - This document and any intormation herein may not oe reproduced Without priorwntten permission trom TOSHIBA Even vvith TOSHIBA'S written permission, reproduction is permtSSIble only it reproduction is Without alteration/omission ~ ThoughTOSHIBAworks continuallyto improve Product‘squaIlIyand reliability, Product can maltunction orlail, Customers are responsiole tor complying with salety standards and tor providing adequate designs and saleguards tortheir hardware, sottware and systems which minimize risk and avoid situations in which a malrunction or railure ol Product could cause loss othuman lire, oodily iniury or damage to property, including data loss or corruption. Betore customers use the Product, create designs including the Product, or incorporate the Product into their own applications. customers must also rerer to and comply With (a) the latest verstnns at all relevant TOSHIBA intormation, including without limitation, this document the specincations, the data sheets and application notes tor Product and the precautions and conditions set torth in the “TOSHIBA Semiconductor ReIIzbilIIy Handbook" and (o) the instructions torthe application withwhich the Productwill be used with orror. Customers are solely responsiole Iorall aspects ortheirown prodiictdesign orapplications, including out not limited to (a) determining the appropriateness ol the use oithis Product in such design or applications to) evaluating and determining the applicability otany intormation contained in this document. or in charts. diagrams programs, algorithms, sample application circuits or any other reterenced documents and (c) validating all operating parameters tor such designs and applications. TOSHIBA AssuMEs NO LIABILITv FOR CUSTOMERS PRODUCT DESIGN OR APPLICATIONS, - PRODUCT IS NEITHER INTENDED NOR WARRANTED FOR USE IN EQUIPMENTS 0R SvSTEMS THAT REQUIRE ExTRAORDINARILv HIGH LEVELS OF QuAervANDIOR RELIABILITv,AND/DRAMALFUNCTION OR FAILURE OFWHIOH MAY CAUSE Loss or HUMAN LIFE, EODILV INJURV. SERIOUS PROPERTV DAMAGE ANDIOR SERIOUS PUBLIC IMPACT ('UNINTENDEDUSE"). Excepttorspecihcapplications asexpresslystated in this document, Unintended Use includes,withoutlimiiation. equipment used in nuclear racilities, equipment used in the aerospace industry, medical equipment, equipment used tor automooiles. trains, ships and other transponaiion, traffic signaling equipment, equipment used to control comousiions or explosions, satety devices. elevators and escalators, devices related to electric power, and equtpmenl used in financerrelated tields IF YOU USE PRODUCT FOR UNINTENDED USE, TOSHIBA ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR PRODUCT. For details, please contact your TOSHIBA sales representative . Do not disassemble, analyze, reverseeenglneer, alter, modify, translate or copy Product, whether tn whole or in part. - Product shall not be used tor or incorporated into any products or systems whose manutacture, use, or sale is prohioited under any applicable laws or regulations . The iniormation contained herein is presented only as guidance tor Product use. No responsihility is assumed by TOSHIBA tor any intringement otpatents or any other intellectual propeny rights oithird parties that may result rrom the use oi Product No license to any intellectual property right is granted by this document, whether express or implied, oy estoppel or otherwise - ABSENT A WRITTEN SIGNED AGREEMENT, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN THE RELEVANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE FOR PRODUCT. AND To THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOVIutBLE BY LAW. TOSHIBA (1) ASSUMES NO LIABILITV WHATSOEVER. INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION. INDIRECT. CONSEQUENTIAL SPECIAL. OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR LOSS. INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION. LOSS OF PROFITS. LOSS OF OPPORTUNITIES. BUSINESS INTERRUPTION AND LOSS OF DATA. AND (2) DISCLAIMS ANV AND ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS RELATED TO SALE. USE OF PRODUCT. OR INFORMATION. INCLUDING WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITV. FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ACCURACV OF INFORMATION. OR NONINFRINGEMENT. - Do not use or otherwise make availaole Product or related Software or technology tor any military purposes, including without limitation. torthe design, development, use, Slockpllmg ormanutacturing otnuclear, chemical, oroiological weapons or missile technology products (mass destmction weapons) Product and related sottware and technology may be controlled under the applicaole export laws and regulations including, without limitation, the Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and the U.s Export Administration Regulations. Export and rarexpon ol Product Or related sottware or technology are strictly prohibited except in compliance with all applicable export laws and regulations. - Please contact your TOSHIBA sales representative for details as to environmental matters such as the Rth compatibility ot Product. Please use Product in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that regulate the inclusion or use or controlled substances. including Without limitation, the EU ROHS Directive TOSHIBA ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES OR LOSSES OOOURRINS As A RESULT OF NONcOMPLIANcE WITH APPLICABLE LAWS AND REGULATIONS. @2015 Toshiba Corporation 8 2015-08-25 Rev. 1 .0

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