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0N Serniwnfluctor“a
72314HK TC-00003136/40914TKIM PE No.A2322-1/5
Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2014
July, 2014
On-resistance RDS(on)1=590m (typ) Halogen free compliance
4V drive
Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25C
Parameter Symbol Conditions Value Unit
Drain to Source Voltage VDSS 100 V
Gate to Source Voltage VGSS 20 V
Drain Current (DC) ID 1A
Drain Current (Pulse) IDP PW10s, duty cycle1% 4 A
Power Dissipation PD When mounted on ceramic substrate (900mm2
0.8mm) 1.0 W
Junction Temperature Tj 150 C
Storage Temperature Tstg 55 to +150 C
Thermal Resistance Ratings
Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Junction to Ambient RJA 125 C/W
When mounted on ceramic substrate (900mm
Electrical Characteristics at Ta 25C
Parameter Symbol Conditions Value Unit
min typ max
Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage V(BR)DSS I
D=1mA, VGS=0V 100 V
Zero-Gate Voltage Drain Current IDSS V
DS=100V, VGS=0V 1 A
Gate to Source Leakage Current IGSS V
GS=±16V, VDS=0V
10 A
Gate Threshold Voltage VGS(th) VDS=10V, ID=1mA 1.2 2.6 V
Forward Transconductance gFS V
DS=10V, ID=0.5A 2.5 S
Static Drain to Source On-State Resistance
RDS(on)1 ID=1A, VGS=10V 590 785 m
RDS(on)2 ID=0.5A, VGS=4V 650 930 m
Input Capacitance Ciss
VDS=20V, f=1MHz
155 pF
Output Capacitance
Coss 11.9 pF
Reverse Transfer Capacitance
Crss 5.8 pF
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: ENA2322A
100V, 785m, 1A, Single N-Channel
See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 2 of this data sheet.
Stresses exceeding those listed in the Maximum Ratings table may damage the device. If any of these limits are exceeded, device functionality should not be assumed,
damage may occur and reliability may be affected.
This product is designed to “ESD immunity < 200V*”, so please take care when handling.
* Machine Model
1H m; L vw Vm): 50v 10v uv Vw PW:IOus D c Sm QM 'LL‘ PG 1" 505; CPH3452
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Parameter Symbol Conditions Value Unit
min Typ max
Turn-ON Delay Time td(on)
See specified Test Circuit
4.0 ns
Rise Time tr 2.8 ns
Turn-OFF Delay Time td(off) 17 ns
Fall Time tf 11 ns
Total Gate Charge Qg
VDS=50V, VGS=10V, ID=1A
3.4 nC
Gate to Source Charge Qgs 0.47 nC
Gate to Drain “Miller” Charge Qgd 0.72 nC
Forward Diode Voltage VSD I
S=1A, VGS=0V 0.82 1.2 V
Ordering & Package Information Packing Type:TL Marking
Device Package
Shipping note
CPH3, SC-59
SOT-23, TO-236 3,000
pcs. / reel
Halogen Free
Electrical Connection Switching Time Test Circuit
Product parametric performance is indicated in the Electrical Characteristics for the listed test conditions, unless otherwise noted. Product performance may not be
indicated by the Electrical Characteristics if operated under different conditions.
ID - VGS ID 22 as as ‘T W T E as E E' 5’ u 05 o r: : 5 ,5 u no u ,E E a E o ”3 a a2 m an oluzaaoaososmuauswn12737475 05 ‘0 ‘5 20 25 in :5 An 45 50 Dmmlu SuurccVol|agc.VD5 7 v mm mm m Sumo “2112.25, v65 7 v Hnnw R on — V R on — Ta mo Ds( ) GS 2000 DS( ) Tn:25“C mm Iaou GE 1D:uSA ‘E ‘ moo ‘ 1600 7 .A 7 E moo 5 mo m m 7;. 7252 a 1200 y a: .4 a 3 35 moo d :3 won 3 a 2 = m 2 w 2 a fi 500 0 fl 0300 = u = 5 a =3 son 5 a: son 5 a 1:. a 57. we a a we a 5 .‘= O 200 'n O 200 o a o 2 4 s a w 72 m 15 75 20 752 7m 729 n 25 40 so no mo 120 no 150 Galcm Soilrcchlmgc,V’Gg 7 v mm Anxbwancmpcramrc,Ta 7 "c mm m ng, ID w Is 5 VSD 7 Vus:10V 7 V557 v V, 5 5 7 5 5 m 2 2 g < 15="" ‘0="" ‘="" 1.0="" a="" 7="" g:="" 7="" g="" 5="" a’="" 5="3" 2="" g="" 5="" g="" 2="" 5="" 2="" a="" 9="" e="" 0‘="" \i="" 01=":" 7="" 5="" ,="" 5="" 5="" 5="" ,="" s="" 3="" 5="" 5.="" 2="" 2="" am="" am="" com="" 23="" 57am="" 25="" 5757="" 2:="" 577a="" 23="" 57m="" a="" 97="" oz="" 93="" no="" os="" 06="" oz="" 5.5="" 09101.112="" dm="" icunent,="" id="" 7="" a="" m~s~1="" forward="" dmde="" voltage.="" v51)="" 7="" v="" 7mm="" swtime="" —="" id="" cwss,="" coss,="" crss="" —="" vds="" moo="" mac="" 7="" 7="" 7:1mn7="" 5="" 5="" z="" 3="" 3="" ‘="" 2="" 2="" n.="" o="" a="" g="" mu="" ‘="" we="" i—="" 7="" w="" 7="" a="" 5="" i="" 5="" u="" a="" u;="" 3="" e="" 8="" 2="" 1—="" :4="" g="" m="" g="" m="" 5="" 7="" g="" 7="" 5="" 5="" 5="" v4="" 5="" a="" 2="" 2="" i="" 7="" d7="" 2="" a="" 5="" 7="" m="" 2="" a="" 5="" 7="" m="" u="" m="" 20="" 55="" 45="" so="" so="" 70="" so="" 90="" mo="" drum="" cunem.ld="" 7="" a="" mm="" [mm="" source="" vumgewbs="" 7="" v="" wmu="">
GaLcIo SourccVol|agaVQs 4 v Pchrmssipation, PD 4 w W Themul Remnance, “em 4 “( SOA m ; Imamwwqmm a 2 1 1A 1), < ”’7="" ‘="" 5="" 3="" e="" 2="" e="" e="" 0‘,="" ()pemmnm="" 5="" 5="" zhxsmais="" e="" j="" hmuedbyknswll)="" d="" am="" 7="" 3="" 3="" ta="ZS°C" z="" smglc="" pulse="" ,="" w"="" \\h="" s="" ‘23th="" 4m="" as="" m="" ‘5="" 2o="" 25="" an="" :5="" an="" 5173="" wm="" h="" 57m="" h="" 57m!="" h="" 571000="" totalem'="" charge.="" 0g="" 7="" n(‘="" m7575="" dmnm="" source="" vnhagc,="" ng="" —="" v="" ,mm="" pd="" —="" ta="" ‘2="" when="" muunlcd="" on="" mm="" subsmflc="" (900mmle="" (mm)="" m="" as="" as="" u;="" u?="" a="" n="" 2:)="" an="" an="" an="" mn="" m="" mn="" mu="" amlncn|tcmpcranlm,ta="" _="" “(t="" n="" new="" r="" 7="" pu‘se="" time="" mun="" uja="" um="" um,="" cydero="" 5="" n="" z="" i="" m="" o="" o="" ‘="" ‘="" “wm="" m="" um="" am="" a="" 570mm="" 2="" a="" 57mm="" 2:="" 570m="" 2="" 3="" 5704="" 2="" a="" 57="" pulse]‘imc,p'l="" 7="" 5="" mm="" comm="" 2="" 3="" 5="" 700mm="" 2="" 2="" a="" 5="" 7="" m="">
n. 1513 S; é Him - : E L717} L H j E Mamas J i ‘ T 5- mm d n Lat ”mm“ mm
PS No.A2322-5/5
Package Dimensions
unit : mm
1: Gate
2: Source
3: Drain
Recommended Soldering
Note on usage : Since the CPH3462 is a MOSFET product, please avoid using this device in the vicinity
of highly charged objects.
0.95 0.95
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