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A SunLED www.5unLEDusa.ccm Package Schematics 3V5(0V138)io.2 3.2(0.126)i0.2 ’8 m o d $240094) g 7 d m "j// “\V" A ' 3 \_ CD 3 LJAK Atkig : r t it 3‘ d "v * r/fl 71“ s ELL/L j! H a “’7 c; H m a A 3 t J8,§ fl ‘ V— c: d 8 Wm V o t C,- m. 0. 1343;, 70 at F t t e : 7 7 0’ V 4 L? 0.1(0.004)NOM, 0.8(0.081)i0.3 NULL», 1.A11d;mt~mtt.m~m m mllllmt‘tcl‘s (inLh 5-) 2.Ttt1mntt\ .5 t0 25(0.01”)unlcs> othm 'c noted a, spatrtmttms m subjccl u. thangu without noucc, 1,9(0,075)i0.2 VG 354144 MDK 2 >—H—c1
Part Number: XZMDKVG45S
3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 SMD LED
Mar 07,2014 XDSB4882 V4-X Layout: Maggie L.
P. 1/5
Ideal for indication light on hand held products
Long life and robust package
Standard Package: 2000pcs/ Reel
MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level): 3
RoHS compliant.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
(AlGaInP) Unit
Reverse Voltage VR 5 5 V
Forward Current IF 30 30 mA
Forward Current (Peak)
1/10 Duty Cycle
0.1ms Pulse Width
iFS 185 150 mA
Power Dissipation PD 75 75 mW
Operating Temperature TA -40 ~ +85
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~ +85
Package Schematics
1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches).
2. Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted.
3. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
(AlGaInP) Unit
Forward Voltage (Typ.)
(IF=20mA) VF 1.95 2.1 V
Forward Voltage (Max.)
(IF=20mA) VF 2.5 2.5 V
Reverse Current (Max.)
(VR=5V) IR 10 10 uA
Wavelength of Peak
Emission CIE127-2007* (Typ.)
λP 645* 574* nm
Wavelength of Dominant
Emission CIE127-2007* (Typ.)
λD 630* 570* nm
Spectral Line Full Width
At Half-Maximum (Typ.)
λ 28 20 nm
Capacitance (Typ.)
(VF=0V, f=1MHz) C 35 15 pF
Operating Characteristics
Material Lens-color
nm λP
2θ 1/2
min. typ.
Red AlGaInP
Water Clear
98* 645*
Green AlGaInP 40
79* 574*
Luminous Intensity
(IF=20mA) mcd
*Luminous intensity value and wavelength are in accordance with CIE127-2007 standards.
A SunLED www.SunLEDusa.com
Part Number: XZMDKVG45S
3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 SMD LED
Mar 07,2014 XDSB4882 V4-X Layout: Maggie L.
P. 2/5
Handling Precautions
Compare to epoxy encapsulant that is hard and brittle, silicone is softer and flexible. Although its characteristic
significantly reduces thermal stress, it is more susceptible to damage by external mechanical force.
As a result, special handling precautions need to be observed during assembly using silicone encapsulated
LED products. Failure to comply might lead to damage and premature failure of the LED.
1. Handle the component along the side surfaces by using forceps or appropriate tools.
2. Do not directly touch or handle the silicone lens surface. It may damage the internal circuitry.
3. Do not stack together assembled PCBs containing exposed LEDs. Impact may scratch the silicone lens or
damage the internal circuitry.
4.1. The inner diameter of the SMD pickup nozzle should not exceed the size of the LED to prevent air leaks.
4.2. A pliable material is suggested for the nozzle tip to avoid scratching or damaging the LED surface during pickup.
4.3. The dimensions of the component must be accurately programmed in the pick-and-place machine to insure precise
pickup and avoid damage during production.
5. As silicone encapsulation is permeable to gases, some corrosive substances such as H2S might corrode silver plating of
leadframe. Special care should be taken if an LED with silicone encapsulation is to be used near such substances.
/"\ SunLED www.5unLEDusa.ccm Fumrd currenqme) Pal-ward cue-rename.) Relative Radiant Intensity VG MDK 1.0 AB' 30' au' 0- T 25"C 50' 0_5 50' 70' _ 50' ‘ 0 ED. 450 500 550 800 650 700 750 100' ' wavelength A (um) 10 0805 04 0- 20- 40' «0' 50' 100- 120' RELATIVE INTENSITY Vs. CIE WAVELENGTH SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION 50 E25 A 50 E 2-5 a E 2 40 u 2 n 2 40 3 2.0 5: E 5 SD 2 l51.5 a 50 E 1.5 3 m u .9 2a 5 gm u 20 gnu E > E —‘ m e 0.5 a 10 0.5 5% T g n gg o a e u 1.5 1.7 1.9 2.1 2.5 2.5 .1 m n w an an m an a 2a 49 so nu 100 g 4n ran a an AD an an Forward anmgeW) IpFnrward Cumm (m) Ambient Temperature Ta(‘C) Ambient Temperature N'C) FORWARD CURRENT Vs. Luumnus INTENSITY Vs FORWARD cum.” LUmNous INTENSITY Vs. FDRWARD VELTAGE FORWARD CURRENT mam-ENG CURVE AMBIENT TEMPERATURE Q 3‘ an 525 so :4 2.5 T E B m “52.0 :1 An 5 2 D 5 .v e 5 an e. “15 g 30 ~ g 15 g: s a 20 :gm E 20 3 1-0 \\\ a; g \ 1n 5 .5 0.5 h 10 g as a 2 a j .3 n1517112212325 3&0 n E“ , , . - - » O 10 EU (30 AU 50 B 20 40 BO 80 100 740 720 0 ED ‘0 60 80 Forward Volmgefll) FORWARD CURRENT Vs. FORWARD VOLTAGE [FFarward ement (mA) LUMI'NOUS INTENSITY Vs. meARn CURRENT Ambient Temperature Ta(‘C) mRWARE CURRENT nERATma CURVE] Ambient Temperature Tami) LUmNaus mTENsm Ve. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE
Part Number: XZMDKVG45S
3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 SMD LED
Mar 07,2014 XDSB4882 V4-X Layout: Maggie L.
P. 3/5
A 12i0,3 _ SunLED www.5unLEDusa.ccm 11¢an Soldsring Pmfile fur sun Products (Firm-ea Compumnls) w (v) mar-am 5 E g n m mu we mu m {3'41 mm: ‘m‘ 1, Ilnnmnm mid-nu. llmplmtnrl mm m mm zmrc 2 moi-amended Mflnw umpemm 1451725012 3 Do m pm m... m u. “may mm durm‘ my: umpemm comma. TAPE 4.010‘1 3910‘1‘ 4010.1 ¢1V5i0.1 00:53.1 2.15i0‘1 Ft i. l _+.75:0.1 5‘5t005 m HH—r H m,55[n,35211c a A} I? *1} «1175 7 mm 11 4‘ L7 13 w[n 539nm
Part Number: XZMDKVG45S
3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 SMD LED
Mar 07,2014 XDSB4882 V4-X Layout: Maggie L.
P. 4/5
LED is recommended for reflow soldering and
soldering profile is shown below.
The device has a single mounting surface.
The device must be mounted according to the
Recommended Soldering Pattern
(Units : mm; Tolerance: ± 0.1)
Tape Specification (Units : mm) Reel Dimension
If special sorting is required (e.g. binning based on forward voltage, Luminous intensity / luminous flux, or wavelength),
the typical accuracy of the sorting process is as follows:
1. Wavelength: +/-1nm
2. Luminous intensity / luminous flux: +/-15%
3. Forward Voltage: +/-0.1V
Note: Accuracy may depend on the sorting parameters.
A SunLED www.5unLEDusa.com USER DIRECTION OF FEED LABEL EU 2,000pcs/Ree1 1 Reel/Bag ) 6/ OUTSIDE LABEL OUTSIDE LABEL < 3:.="" 2ok/on="" p/no="" :="" x2xxx45x="" qty:="" 2.000="" pcs="" code:="" xxx="" 5/}!="" :="" xx="" lot="" no="" ‘="" ww="" ‘="" u="" h="" h="" w="" h="" h‘="" \‘humwmwhwhhhw\w\hhh‘\\h="" rohs="" compliant="" at.="" hug/m="" ww="" sunledusa="" com/technicaanles="" as="">
Part Number: XZMDKVG45S
3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 SMD LED
Mar 07,2014 XDSB4882 V4-X Layout: Maggie L.
P. 5/5
1. Data presented in this document reflect statistical figures and should be treated as technical reference only.
2. Contents within this document are subject to improvement and enhancement changes without notice.
3. The product(s) in this document are designed to be operated within the electrical and environmental specifications indicated on the datasheet.
User accepts full risk and responsibility when operating the product(s) beyond their intended specifications.
4. The product(s) described in this document are intended for electronic applications in which a person’s life is not reliant upon the LED. Please
consult with a SunLED representative for special applications where the LED may have a direct impact on a person’s life.
5. The contents within this document may not be altered without prior consent by SunLED.
6. Additional technical notes are available at http://www.SunLEDusa.com/TechnicalNotes.asp

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