Z125-901 Drawing Datasheet by Harwin Inc.

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Customer Inggrmation Shee anwmc Mo szs-sm | IT IN DOUBT , ASK | NOT To SCALE | THTRD ANGLE PROJECTTON | ALL DTMENSIONS TN mm ‘ 55 6,4 9.6 FREE POSLTION n - — — —-— —-—-— —- $25M / r u PART SECTTON SEE DETATL A DATAPLATE AND x-x LOCATION x HARWLN 26 28 3o 32 WHTE 3‘2 OLzsrooLooxx 6 2.35i0.25 GTESVTOTOOXX SEL Q50“ GLzs-oozooxx 5 5 5 No A CLzsrLozooxx USE WITH MH999 MGP T H.07 l2 ||77| ‘ 20 NAME TSS. DATE C/NOTE CRIMP Dggflt 2 M05 APPROVED MGP POSITION CHECKED. SE DRAWN’ S FLOWER NOTES: CUSTOMER REE ' T. To BE USED WLTH HAND CRLMP TOOL 2L25-900 (MH999). 2. SEE INSTRUCTLON SHEET ISV3T. 3. To BE USED WTTH CONTACTS: OTzsroomoxx (26 AWG), OTzsroozooxx (2873? WC), ASSEMBLY m LOAD POSLTLOM OTzs-IOTooxx (26 AWG), CT25-Iozooxx (28-32 Awe), - Turgming:'zl1:GDE:canflTVE TOLERANCES MATERTAL’ TITLE: BflAEWUM fiv‘igmsrx‘wwwfig x rim OL25 GECKO CRTMP CONTACT ‘pxomnmgxm Xxx; 3ng POSTTTONER KTSGOSE nLSEEKLBVLSREDVEETL» x xxx : to 0.1: , mmmom °”TEEELLTTL'6:”E6§'2§¢”G' W5 = N “W ”W“ "W” i“ Technuamhcrwm com mggglmggalmggygu wuss mm mm mm: Zl25-90I 0F2

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