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8/28/2019 Filter Fan Grills (XPFA Series) - Hammond Mfg.
https://www.hammfg.com/dci/products/accessories/xpfa 1/2
Tube Axial Fans Filter Fan Kits
Replacement Filters (Sold in Pack of 5)
Part No. Use with Fan Size Use with XPFA Series Use with DNFF Series
PFF1000 3.15 XPFA80 DNFF080
PFF2000 4.70 XPFA120 DNFF120
PFF4000 7.72 XPFA150 DNFF150
PFF6000 12.00 XPFA254 DNFF254
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Filter Fan Grills XPFA Series
Create your own filter fans or exhaust grills
Mounts easily with 4 screws using template and hardware provided.
Maintains an IP54 seal against enclosure.
Complete with flame retardant ABS plastic grill and flame retardant synthetic filter.
Integral gasket on reverse side of grill, seals against mounting surface.
Hole cutout is NOT critical as rear of filter grill seals to surface (see rear photo below)
Can be used with standard 3.15" or 4.7" square fans (available below or use your own) or
alone as as exhaust grill
Molded in a choice of four colors to match our racks & accessories.
"BK" (Black)
"CG" (Gray/Beige - RAL7032)
"GY" (ANSI 61 Gray)
"LG" (Light Gray - RAL7035)
Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Overall Dimensions Use With Square
Black Gray/Beige ANSI 61 Gray Light Gray H W D Fan Size
XPFA80BK XPFA80CG XPFA80GY XPFA80LG 4.14 4.14 0.63 3.15
XPFA120BK XPFA120CG XPFA120GY XPFA120LG 5.91 5.91 0.94 4.70
XPFA150BK XPFA150CG XPFA150GY XPFA150LG 7.72 7.72 0.94 6.00
XPFA254BK XPFA254CG XPFA254GY XPFA254LG 12.00 12.00 0.94 10.00
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8/28/2019 Filter Fan Grills (XPFA Series) - Hammond Mfg.
https://www.hammfg.com/dci/products/accessories/xpfa 2/2

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