210-1-xx-00x Drawing Datasheet by CNC Tech

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A‘Z-f)‘ X “(No or chntionaMOJS awn” x mm. of Contacts)-25410.20 ®®®®®®®®®®®® C C10, 15 01:0. 25 ®®®®®®®®®®®®® 300 iilmiwmm 90 2.55 .0 coo/”0000 7:62 :0.15 OOOOOOOOOOOOOO—I- P.C.B LAYOUT 0000—: .320 20 7‘ JJ§ c “Q N REVISION DATA REV DESCRIPTION DATE A0 NEW DRAWING 2010-04-01 Technical Data Material: Pin(outer sleeve): Brass,mechined CuZn38Pb2 Cllp(contact 4 finger): Beryllllum copper,heat treated Plating(outer sleeve): Tin platedz2uml80u'Ni. Sum/200u'Sn Gold Plated:2umlBOu'nickeIfull gold Plating(centact): Zum/BDu'nickel. gold or Tin plated Insulator black(housing): PBT OR PPS (UL94V-O) Electrical: Current rating: 3Ampslcontact max. Contact resistance: S4m0lcontact Insulation resistance: 2100mm at V=1OOV Operaing voltage: 60VACIDC Mechanical: Average insertion force with steel pin of 00.43mm/0.017': <2509 average="" withdrawal="" force="" with="" steel="" pin="" of="" $0.43mmlom7':="">90g min. Mechanical life cycle:min.200 Operaing temperatures: Gold PIated:-55° C to+105° C Tin plated:-40° C to+105° C Soldering temperature: +220“ 0.108 max (PBT) +260° 0.103 max (PPS) CnC Tech, LLC Industrial Cable and Connector Technology m. r, . TOLERANCE PROJECI'ON . TITLE. “V 2.54mmPiIch 1c Sockets swam ANGLE *5“ DATE: mom—01 DIP Spacing1514m Pin Length 7.43m x.xxx $0.10 DRAWN: LiKui mum: ZIO-l-XX-003 xxx $0.20 x.x mac CHECKED DRAWING No: . REV: : SCALE: SIZE: x $050 APPROVED. A0 UN” mm 31‘ M 4 3 2 1

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