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Kl'ngbrl'ghI 3.5[0.133] A.96[0.!95] 7[o,27s] E 8&7 2.42[o,o95] 2- ? 0.7MAX. g 0.5[0.02] ‘ 1 2 3 L__L_.\ 2.54[0.1] 2.54[o.t] RECOMMENDED PCB LAYOUT ; go. 589 x 3 \._j%._.\ 25401] 2540.1] 2.7[0‘ a2.9[o,114] 10511 6,55[0.25] «bk 77777 *5. a uo.5[n.oz]’:8;%5 5.oa[o.z] RED YELLOW 1 o—m—[m—c 3 2 1 ANODE RED 2 COMMON CATHODE 3 ANODE YELLOW ®
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 1 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194
Part Number: WP130WDT/EYW
High Efficiency Red
zPre-trimmed leads for pc board mounting.
z3 leads with common lead.
zBlack case enhances contrast ratio.
zHousing UL rating:94V-0.
zHousing material: type 66 nylon.
zRoHS compliant.
zThe High Efficiency Red source color devices are made
with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide
Orange Light Emitting Diode.
zThe Yellow source color devices are made with Gallium
Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Yellow Light
Emitting Diode.
Package Dimensions
1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches).
2. Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted.
3. Lead spacing is measured where the leads emerge from the package.
4. The specifications, characteristics and technical data described in the datasheet are subject to change without prior notice.
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 2 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194
Selection Guide
Absolute Maximum Ratings at TA=25°C
Electrical / Optical Characteristics at TA=25°C
1. 1 / 10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width.
2. 2mm below package base.
3. 5mm below package base.
Part No. Dice Lens Type
Iv (mcd) [2]
@ 20mA
Angle [1]
Min. Typ. 2θ1/2
High Efficiency Red (GaAsP/GaP)
White Diffused
12 30
*10 *24
10 20
*10 *20
Yellow (GaAsP/GaP)
Symbol Parameter Device Typ. Max. Units Test Conditions
λpeak Peak Wavelength
High Efficiency Red
590 nm IF=20mA
λD [1] Dominant Wavelength High Efficiency Red
588 nm IF=20mA
Δλ1/2 Spectral Line Half-width High Efficiency Red
35 nm IF=20mA
C Capacitance
High Efficiency Red
20 pF VF=0V;f=1MHz
VF [2] Forward Voltage High Efficiency Red
2.5 V IF=20mA
IR Reverse Current
High Efficiency Red
Yellow 10
10 uA VR = 5V
Parameter High Efficiency Red Yellow Units
Power dissipation 75 75 mW
DC Forward Current 30 30 mA
Peak Forward Current [1] 160 140 mA
Reverse Voltage V
Operating / Storage Temperature -40°C To +85°C
Lead Solder Temperature [2] 260°C For 3 Seconds
Lead Solder Temperature [3] 260°C For 5 Seconds
1. θ1 / 2 is the angle from optical centerline where the luminous intensity is 1 / 2 of the optical peak value.
2. Luminous intensity / luminous Flux: + / -15%.
* Luminous intensity value is traceable to the CIE127-2007 compliant national standards.
1. Wavelength: + / -1nm.
2. Forward Voltage: + / -0.1V.
3. Wavelength value is traceable to the CIE127-2007 compliant national standards.
4. Excess driving current and / or operating temperature higher than recommended conditions may result in severe light degradation or
premature failure.
Kl'ngbrlghl z 'a YELLOW RED 5 1.0 _ , , nizsc 5 E 3 '5 0.5 a m a. .2 E o m M 450 500 550 500 550 700 750 wave‘engfh >~ (nm) RELAT‘VE INTENSWY Vs. WAVELENGTH ( :2 E 2.5 a 5 E 2 a E ‘2 51.5 0 g g “E 5 E L!) E 3 1, E E E 0-5 E 2 3 g n 1.5 1.7 1.9 2.1 2.3 2.5 u m 20 30 w so Fovward anmg.(\/) \r—Fovward cumm (MA) FORWARD CURRENT Vs. LumNOUS wrwsnv Vs. FORWARD vows: ruRmRn CURRENI 5 A 50 g 2.5 g 2 E’ 40 E 1.0 E 30 E 1.5 u E ‘3 10 3 ., 1.n 5 E 12 W E 0.5 '2 n a 20 A0 so an um 40 720 o 21) 40 so 50 Ammam rempammve m-c) Amman Yempamlure M‘C) FORWARD CURRENY LUMINOUS wwsnv Vs. nngms CURVE mam rmpzmmnz sRAmL DISTR‘BUT‘UN
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 3 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194
High Efficiency Red
< 2:="" 511="" e25="" a="" e="" w="" in="" 5="" so="" a="" 615="" u="" ,5="" a,="" e="" 20="" 5="" e="" ‘-°="" e="" m="" g="" 30.5="" e="" e="" 0="" 3="" g="" o="" «.5="" m7="" 1.9="" 1.1="" 2.3="" 2.5="" u="" m="" zn="" so="" 40="" so="" fovward="" valmg.(v)="" lr-fovward="" cumm="" (ma)="" forward="" current="" vs,="" lumnous="" wwsnv="" vs.="" forward="" vomo:="" fdrward="" curreni="" r="" a="" 50="" a="" 1.5="">< e="" g="" 40="" g="" 2.0="" e="" so="" 2="" 1.5="" u="" 'e="" e="" 10="" 3="" 0="" mn="" 5="" e="" 3="" m="" e="" 0.5="" u="" '2="" o="" a="" 2n="" au="" w="" an="" mu="" an="" 720="" a="" 20="" 40="" so="" so="" mmam="" rempammvs="" n('c)="" amman="" tempamcm="" n="" (‘c)="" forward="" curreny="" meous="" \ntensitv="" vs.="" dermnc="" curve="" amb‘eni="" temperature="" spaml="" distr‘but‘un="">
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 4 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194
Kl'ngbrl'ghI LABEL fl 500ch / BAG mm é / LABEL K ng right WNW/m a 3‘ VSK / 5;; BOX OUTS‘DE LABEL 32K / a” Box Kingbright P NO: WPV snquxxx QTY: 5w p=s 11.0. u L s N: XXXX \ u (R com: XXX LOT N0: XXXXXJXJXX ‘ RoHS CompHunt mtg //www ngbngmUSA om/AgghcauonNmes
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 5 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194
Terms and conditions for the usage of this document
1. The information included in this document reflects representative usage scenarios and is intended for technical reference only.
2. The part number, type, and specifications mentioned in this document are subject to future change and improvement without
notice. Before production usage customer should refer to the latest datasheet for the updated specifications.
3. When using the products referenced in this document, please make sure the product is being operated within the environmental
and electrical limits specified in the datasheet. If customer usage exceeds the specified limits, Kingbright will not be responsible
for any subsequent issues.
4. The information in this document applies to typical usage in consumer electronics applications. If customer's application has
special reliability requirements or have life-threatening liabilities, such as automotive or medical usage, please consult with
Kingbright representative for further assistance.
5. The contents and information of this document may not be reproduced or re-transmitted without permission by Kingbright.
6. All design applications should refer to Kingbright application notes available at http://www.KingbrightUSA.com/ApplicationNotes
Kl'ngbrl'ghI PRECAUTIONS 1. Storage conditions. a.Avoid continued exposure to the condensing moisture environment and keep the product away lroni rapid transitions in ambient temperature b LEDs should be stored With temperature iao'c and relative humidity < 60%="" c="" product="" in="" the="" original="" sealed="" package="" is="" recommended="" to="" be="" assembled="" within="" 72="" hours="" olopening.="" product="" in="" opened="" package="" tor="" more="" than="" a="" week="" should="" be="" baked="" tor="" so="" (no/4))="" hours="" at="" 55="" -="" two.="" 2="" the="" lead="" pitch="" at="" the="" led="" must="" match="" the="" pitch="" ol="" the="" mounting="" holes="" on="" the="" pcb="" during="" component="" placement="" leadrlormlrlg="" may="" be="" required="" to="" insure="" the="" lead="" pitch="" matches="" the="" hole="" pitch="" relerto="" the="" ngure="" below="" for="" proper="" lead="" lorrning="" procedures="" lei)="" huullng="" hauslna="" wee="" he="" j="" ace="" 0="" 0="" led="" houeing="" led="" hmtslrlq="" led="" housind="" led="" wa="" ””pr="" huttslrlg="" ace="" eca="" eca="" pca="" m="" pce="" ”5-="">o5- x x x x X >< "="" o="" "="" correct="" mounting="" method="" "="">< "="" lncorrect="" mounting="" method="" l="" stlng="" housing="" led="" houxlng="" i="c" pcb="" nalc’l="" pr="" ane7="" %="" 1%;="" a?="" 45-="" 5-th="" 0="" ed="" a="" ma="" 4="" o="" o="" note="" 173="" do="" not="" route="" pcb="" trace="" in="" the="" contact="" area="" between="" the="" ieadlrame="" and="" the="" pcb="" to="" prevenlshortrclrcttlts="" 3="" during="" soldering.="" component="" covers="" and="" holders="" should="" leave="" clearance="" to="" avoid="" placing="" damaging="" stress="" on="" the="" led="" during="" soldering="" g="" lin="" ;="" holde="" é="" hotog="" :e="" was="" (="" ’3="" pcs="" _.="" a="" 1="" v="" a="" 0="" 4.="" the="" tip="" or="" the="" soldering="" iron="" should="" nevertouch="" the="" lens="" epoxy.="" 5="" throughrhole="" leds="" are="" incompatible="" with="" reflow="" soldering="" a.="" lithe="" led="" will="" undergo="" multiple="" soldering="" passes="" orlace="" otherprocesses="" where="" the="" part="" may="" be="" subiected="" to="" intense="" heat="" please="" check="" with="" kingbnghtlorcompatibility.="" 7.="" recommended="" wave="" soldering="" primes.="" t'clm="" 250="" l="" up="" too="" temperature="" notes-="" timetsecl="" 4.="" 1="" recommend="" prerheal="" temperature="" ol="" toe-c="" or="" less="" (as="" measured="" with="" a="" themiocouple="" attached="" to="" the="" led="" pins)="" prior="" to="" immersion="" in="" the="" solder="" wave="" with="" a="" maximum="" solder="" bath="" temperature="" or="" zoom="" 2="" peak="" wave="" soldering="" temperature="" between="" 2451="" -="" 255w:="" lora="" sec="" (5="" sec="" max)="" 3.do="" not="" apply="" stress="" to="" the="" epoxy="" resin="" while="" the="" temperature="" is="" above="" 55"c.="" a="" fixtures="" should="" not="" incur="" stress="" on="" the="" component="" when="" mounting="" and="" during="" soldering="" process="" 5.sac="" 305="" solder="" alloy="" is="" recommended="" 6.no="" more="" than="" one="" wave="" soldering="" pass.="">
SPEC NO: DSAF1867 REV NO: V.5A DATE: APR/14/2015 PAGE: 6 OF 6
APPROVED: WYNEC CHECKED: Allen Liu DRAWN: Q.M.Chen ERP: 1102000194

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