108-17xx-101 Drawing Datasheet by Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson

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TTEM (D TTEM (2) TTEM (3) TTEM @ DRAWNC NO. PART NUMBER HANDLE COLOR BODY SRRNC STUD B , TOSTT72T/T74OTTOT TOS’T72T’TOT NYLON WHTTE BRASS NTCKEL STLVER BRASS A 1084722401 RED NTCKEL PL .OOOTMTN NTCKEL PL .000' MTN BRTGHT TTN PL .OOOTMTN OVER 0 REVTSTONS NTCKE- FL 00005 MTN WWW BLACK 3mg;“may13113013005002? TOB’T724’TOT GREEN ~ CHARACTER TNDTCATES DRAWTNG CLARTFTH * T0 8 ' T 725 , TOT :ffll‘wx313151.3‘Hfl'iéiflg‘flLQ'ITHQEEV‘nI TOB’T726’TOT ORANGE R S T R T40 90494 W A J TOBTT727’TOT VELLOW H C K B ECN 42639 TUBTT/ZBETOT BROWN DTA 0778*.OTO T.OT5 WAS DTA .778 108,1729401 :005, T000:.020 WAS 1000:.010 “3847304“ BLUE * REVTSTON NUMBER FOLLOWED BY AN ALPHA“ 10547517101 * CHARACTER INDTCATES DRAWTNG CLARTFIH ' * CATTOV OF PART NUMBER ADDTTTON ONLY * 1031732401 V‘OLET , , 7 7 P R’ M T J 6'9'08 13271227181 GRAY MD 5 5 08 T E 0 “ fiECN 5T528 TUB T735 TOT TOB’T736’TOT TOB’T737’TOT TUB’T738’TOT TOB’T739’TOT TOB’T740’TOT <—t.ooo:,ozo @.375:oto="" .osgiots="" 562:0t5="" ®,o7ti.oo3="" ,="" ,="" +.ot5="" \t="" t="" ,="" 0="" es="" |="" :1]="" 2=""><. 757.010="" t.="" spectetcattonsi="" rm="" 7="" www="" t="" cus="" omer="" drawtng="" current="" hattng:="" tb="" amps="" dc="" mtntmum="" +_oto="" dtelectrtc="" wtthstandtng="" voltage:="" 3500="" vrms="" wn="" at="" sea="" level="" @2287="" otr="" 4="" thts="" drawtng="" to="" be="" tnterpr’eted="" recommend:d="" worktng="" voltage:="" t750="" vrms="" max="" at="" sea="" level="" -="" v="" 2="" per="" asme="" y="" t4="" 5m="" e="" t994="" tnsulatton="" reststancei="" 5000="" megohms="" mtn="" contact="" reststance:="" to="" mtllto-tms="" naxtmum="" ”ustattonh="" mechantcat:="" tnsertton/wtthdrawal="" force:="" 1.0="" ,="" 120="" pounds="" company="" coneidenttal="" contact="" sprtng="" retentton="" force:="" t5="" pounds="" mtntmum="" at="" .="" ._="" .="" wtre="" acqertaetltty:="" t6="" awc="" or="" smaller="" tolerance="" unless="" drawn="" w="" d="" e="" -="" cmchconnecnwtvsoluhons="" wtre="" at="" achment:="" solder="" or="" flare="" and="" clamp="" ustng="" threaded="" stud="" otherwtse="" specthed="" swc="" 3,3194="" cthh="" p.o.box1732="" mattng="" ramana="" jack="" dtameter:="" ,t66="" nomtnal="" ‘="" *="" *="" a",="" w="" mn="" 55093="" durabtltty:="" tooo="" cycles="" mtntmum="" dew/m="" mm="" »="" aseca'="" xx="" checked="" by="" date="" r="" d="" 1.800.247.8255="" envtronmental:="" xxx="" tak="" 949794="" tm="" '="" assembly="" banana="" plug="" (meets="" or="" exceeds="" the="" appltcable="" paragraph="" 0f="" mtl’c’zsqot)="" approved="" by="" date="" ’="" ’="" operatnc="" temperature:="" ,55="" deg="" c="" to="" 85="" dec="" c.="" ww="" mb="" 9720,94="" tnsulated="" handle="" round="" body,="" temperature="" rtse="" at="" rated="" current:="" to="" dec="" c="" maxtmum="" —="" solder="" or="" solderless="" stud="" corroston:="" mtlfstd4344,m;th0d="" tootcondttton="" b="" shock:="" mtlfstdfbm,="" me="" hod="" 2004,="" condttton="" c="" :nsh="" release="" date="" 9720794="" sheet="" drawtnc="" n0_="" vthrattov:="" mtt="" *std’t344,me="" hod="" 7005="" condttton="" t="" huntdtty:="" mtlfstdft544,met="" tod="" too2,condttt0n="" d="" wm="" nch="" scal:="" 2:1="" 2="" o;="" 2="" b="" t08="" t72t/t74o="" tot="">

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