Diodes Automotive-Compliant MOSFETs | Digi-Key Daily

Diodes Incorporated presents their DMTH4008 and DMTH6016 automotive-compliant n-channel MOSFETs. The DMTH4008 device offers a maximum continuous drain current of 11.6 amps with a maximum drain-source voltage of 40 volts, whereas the DMTH6016 IC has an ID Max of 9.4 amps and a VDSS Max of 60 volts. Offered in a 0.6 millimeter low-profile DFN2020 package, these tiny devices occupy 10 percent of the PCB area when compared to other larger packages; their PCB footprint is only 4-by-4 millimeters. They feature industry-leading R-DS-On and gate charge, and have a maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius, which makes them ideal for high ambient temperature environments. Ideal automotive applications include instrumentation clusters, infotainment systems, head-up displays, and driver assistance systems.

12/2/2019 3:03:36 PM