Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Skyworks Solutions offers a select group of ultra-low-noise, high linearity and versatile RF amplifiers which are in stock and ready for immediate design into your demanding receiver applications.

For Cellular Infrastructure, or any high-performance receiver, these ultra-low-noise SKY67150, SKY67151, and SKY67153 are part of a new LNA family which cover a frequency range from 50–3,800 MHz, using a common 2 x 2 mm DFN package and application layout. The cascode architecture of these pHEMT LNA devices enables high linearity, high gain (26 dB) and super-low noise figure (<0.25 dB). The higher linearity SKY67021-396LF, SKY67022-396LF and SKY67023-396LF devices cover a frequency range of 700–3,000 MHz with OIP3 >40 dBm. The SKY67105, SKY67106, and SKY67107 families offer low NF and high 35 dB gain coupled with very high linearity.

For Broadband Wireless applications, the cost competitive SKY67012, SKY67013, SKY67014 and SKY67015-396LF feature <1.0 dB noise figure and gain that ranges from 12 dB-16 dB with supply current between 5 mA and 30 mA. The unique pHEMT design enables a wide supply voltage range of 1.8 to 5 V and operation from 30–3,000 MHz. Skyworks also offers discrete FETs such as the SKY65050-372LF, and silicon germanium LNAs like the SKY65047-360LF that provide the system designer the ultimate in design flexibility and broadband RF performance.

For WLAN and ISM Band applications, Skyworks offers a series of LNAs supporting multiple Wi-Fi markets and applications. With an industry-leading low noise figure of 1.2 dB at 5 GHz, the SKY65404-31 is a very small form-factor, highly-integrated LNA ideal for applications requiring excellent receiver sensitivity. The corresponding device for the 2.4 GHz frequency band is the SKY65405-21. Both are packaged in 1.5 x 1.5 DFN packages, and require a minimal number of external components, enabling ease of use.


  • Excellent noise figure, as low as 0.50 dB
  • High third-order intercept
  • Excellent stability
  • Small form-factor packages
  • Broadband designs
  • Low supply current (5 mA)
  • High efficiency
  • Flat gain response
  • Single- and two-stage designs
  • High linearity


  • LTE base station receivers, WCDMA, small cells, Remote Radio Heads (RRH) repeaters
  • WLAN enterprise access point receivers
  • GPS receivers
  • Public safety radio
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • ISM band receiver
  • Military communication
  • Smart energy

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Cellular Infrastructure

Digi-Key P/N Skyworks P/N Description Noise Figure (dB)
Gain (dB)  
863-1559-1-ND SKY67150-396LF Ultra Low Noise RF Amp 0.3-2.2GHz 8DFN 0.23 23 863-1559-1-ND datasheet link
863-1490-1-ND SKY67151-396LF Ultra Low Noise RF Amp 0.7-3.8GHz 8DFN 0.25 26 863-1490-1-ND datasheet link
863-1560-1-ND SKY67153-396LF Ultra Low Noise RF Amp 0.7-3.8GHz 8DFN 0.25 26 863-1560-1-ND datasheet link
863-1570-1-ND SKY67021-396LF 0.6-1.2 GHz High Lin. Active Bias LNA 0.6 17.5 863-1570-1-ND datasheet link
863-1571-1-ND SKY67022-396LF 1.6-2.2 GHz High Lin. Active Bias LNA 0.65 17.5 863-1571-1-ND datasheet link
863-1572-1-ND SKY67023-396LF 2.0-3.0 GHz High Lin. Active Bias LNA 0.89 17.3 863-1572-1-ND datasheet link
863-1271-1-ND SKY67101-396LF Low Noise RF Amp 0.4-1.2 GHz  8 DFN 0.57 17.5 863-1271-1-ND datasheet link
863-1270-1-ND SKY67100-396LF Low Noise RF Amp 1.2-2.3 GHz 8DFN 0.7 17.5 863-1270-1-ND datasheet link
863-1396-1-ND SKY67102-396LF Low Noise RF Amp 2.0-3.0 GHz 8DFN 0.8 17.5 863-1396-1-ND datasheet link
863-1395-1-ND SKY67001-396LF High Lin. RF Amp 0.7-1.0 GHz  8DFN 0.6 17.5 863-1395-1-ND datasheet link
863-1394-1-ND SKY67002-396LF High Lin. RF Amp 1.6-2.1 GHz  8DFN 0.65 17.5 863-1394-1-ND datasheet link
863-1393-1-ND SKY67105-306LF High Gain RF Amp 0.6-1.1 GHz 16QFN 0.7 37 863-1393-1-ND datasheet link
863-1392-1-ND SKY67106-306LF High Gain RF Amp 1.5-3.0 GHz 16QFN 0.65 35 863-1392-1-ND datasheet link
Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)

Broadband Low Noise FET

Digi-Key P/N Skyworks P/N Description Noise Figure (dB)
Gain (dB)  
863-1391-1-ND SKY67014-396LF Low Current RF Amp 1.5-3.0 GHz 8DFN 0.9 13 863-1391-1-ND datasheet link
863-1265-1-ND SKY65047-360LF Low Current RF FET 0.4-3.0 GHz 8DFN 0.8 16.6 863-1265-1-ND datasheet link
863-1067-1-ND SKY65050-372LF Low Noise RF FET 0.45-6.0 GHz SC-70 0.65 15.5 863-1067-1-ND datasheet link
 Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)


Digi-Key P/N Skyworks P/N Frequency (GHz) VDD (V) Noise Figure (dB) Gain (dB) Package (mm)  
863-1368-1-ND SE2600S-R 2.4-2.5 3.3 1.8 12 11-pin CSP,
1.07 x 1.05 x 0.38
863-1368-1-ND datasheet link
863-1369-1-ND SE2601T-R 2.4-2.5 3.3 1.8 12 12-pin QFN,
2 x 2 x 0.6
863-1369-1-ND datasheet link
863-1398-1-ND SKY65404-31 4.9-5.9 3.3 1.2 13 6-pin DFN,
1.5 x 1.5 x 0.45
863-1398-1-ND datasheet link
 Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)

Evaluation Boards

Digi-Key P/N Skyworks P/N Description  
863-1325-ND SKY67101-396LF-EVB BOARD EVAL FOR SKY67101-396 863-1325-ND datasheet link
863-1303-ND SKY67100-396LF-EVB BOARD EVAL FOR SKY67100-396 863-1303-ND datasheet link
863-1390-ND SKY67102-396LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67102-396LF 863-1390-ND datasheet link
863-1389-ND SKY67001-396LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67001-396LF 863-1389-ND datasheet link
863-1388-ND SKY67002-396LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67002-396LF 863-1388-ND datasheet link
863-1387-ND SKY67105-306LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67105-306LF 863-1387-ND datasheet link
863-1386-ND SKY67106-306LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67106-306LF 863-1386-ND datasheet link
863-1385-ND SKY67014-396LF-EVB RF EVAL FOR SKY67014-396LF 863-1385-ND datasheet link
863-1306-ND SKY65050-372LF-EVB BOARD EVAL FOR SKY65050-372 863-1306-ND datasheet link
863-1319-ND TW17-D900 BOARD EVAL FOR SKY65047-360 863-1319-ND datasheet link
863-1308-ND TW17-D910 BOARD EVAL FOR SKY65047-360 863-1308-ND datasheet link
863-1320-ND TW17-D920 BOARD EVAL FOR SKY65047-360 863-1320-ND datasheet link
863-1328-ND SKY65405-21-EVB BOARD EVAL FOR SKY65405-21 863-1328-ND datasheet link
863-1423-ND SE2601T-EK1 EVAL KIT FOR SE2601T 863-1423-ND datasheet link
863-1399-ND SKY65404-31-EVB RF EVAL BOARD FOR SKY65404-31 863-1399-ND datasheet link
863-1432-ND EN30-D905-001_V1 EVAL BOARD FOR SKY65404-31 863-1432-ND datasheet link
863-1564-ND SKY67153-396LF EVB 700-1000MHZ EVAL BOARD RF LNA 700-1000HZ 863-1564-ND datasheet link
863-1565-ND SKY67153-396LF EVB 1600-2170MHZ EVAL BOARD RF LNA 1600-2710HZ 863-1565-ND datasheet link
863-1566-ND SKY67153-396LF EVB 3400-3800MHZ EVAL BOARD RF LNA 3400-3800HZ 863-1566-ND datasheet link
863-1567-ND SKY67151-396LF EVB 1600-2200MHZ EVAL BOARD FOR SKY67151-396LF 863-1567-ND datasheet link
863-1568-ND SKY67151-396LF EVB 2300-2700MHZ EVAL BOARD FOR SKY67151-396LF 863-1568-ND datasheet link
863-1569-ND SKY67151-396LF EVB 700-1000MHZ EVAL BOARD FOR SKY67151-396LF 863-1569-ND datasheet link