dsPIC33CK Single-Core Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Family

Microchip's high-performance DSCs are for real-time performance motor control, digital power, robust usages, and high-performance embedded applications

Image of Microchip's  dsPIC33CK Single-Core Digital Signal Controller (DSC) FamilyThe dsPIC33CK family of single-core digital signal controllers (DSCs) from Microchip Technology is geared for high-performance time-critical applications. This family offers real-time performance to address real-world design requirements like high energy efficiency, superior system performance, and robust operations in a cost-effective manner. Complementing Microchip's recently announced dsPIC33CH dual-core DSCs, the dsPIC33CK family offers a single-core alternative with the performance of up to 100 MIPS, double the Flash memory from 128 KB to 256 KB, very high peripheral integration, and scalability across memory and pin counts. The single-core family provides simplicity and cost savings for applications that do not require the advanced design capability of the dual-core dsPIC33CH family.

The high-performance DSCs feature a dsPIC33 C core with DSP engine, expanded context registers to reduce interrupt latency, instructions to accelerate DSP performance, tightly coupled peripherals, and faster execution to enable complex high-speed control loop implementation. The dsPIC33CK family maintains the simplicity of a microcontroller and provides a performance upgrade path for dsPIC33E/dsPIC33F DSC users. The dsPIC33CK is supported by Microchip’s MPLAB® development ecosystem including MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE). Supported by the popular MPLAB code configurator (MCC) tool, setting up pin assignments, peripheral modes, and application stacks has never been easier, and customers can bring their design to market faster than ever before. The rich feature set of the dsPIC33CK family of DCS’s make them ideal for digital power, high-performance embedded, and motor control applications.


  • Eases functional safety compliance
  • CAN-FD to support automotive communication
  • Live update of firmware for high-availability systems
  • Enables sophisticated real-time filtering to improve sensor responsiveness
  • Implement highly adaptive algorithms for digital power conversion applications
  • Maximum peripheral integration in small packages for lower BoM cost and compact design form factor
  • Precision control of multiple sensorless, brushless motors, running field-oriented control algorithms and power factor correction
  • Digital power
    • Industrial: AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies
    • Automotive: converters, chargers, and inverters
    • Consumer: wireless power
  • Robust usages
    • Automotive
    • Industrial
    • Home appliances
    • Medical
  • High-performance embedded
    • Automotive: electronic sensors
    • Industrial: automotive and control
    • Medical: diagnostic equipment, and monitors
    • IoT: Gateways and central processors
  • Motor control
    • Automotive: pumps and fans
    • Industrial: drones and robotics
    • Consumer: appliances and toys

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Published: 2018-09-25