Spectra-Zip® 191-2801 Series Planar Cables

Amphenol Spectra-Strip presents planar cables for general-purpose interconnection in electronic products

Image of Amphenol Spectra Spectra-Zip® 191-2801 Series Planar CablesSpectra-Zip planar cables from Amphenol Spectra-Strip offer a balanced combination of economy, reliable performance, weight and space savings, controlled electrical characteristics, and low-cost termination for general-purpose interconnection in electronic products.

Spectra-Zip cable consists of stranded round conductors insulated with gray PVC to form a planar cable. The insulation is extruded around the conductors so that the cable has a “double contour” to allow for mounting IDC connectors on either surface of the cable. A tear feature built into the cable allows easy, uniform breakouts without rupturing the insulation.

  • Fast, low-cost mass termination
  • Precise spacing for controlled electrical characteristics
  • Flexible gray PVC insulation
  • Double contour allows termination from either side of the cable
  • Easy conductor separation for circuit routing
  • UL recognized and CSA certified

Spectra-Zip 191-2801 Series Planar Cables

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsAvailable QuantityView Details
CBL RIBN 10COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-110CBL RIBN 10COND .050 GRAY 100'104 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 14COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-114CBL RIBN 14COND .050 GRAY 100'149 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 16COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-116CBL RIBN 16COND .050 GRAY 100'1614 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 20COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-120CBL RIBN 20COND .050 GRAY 100'200View Details
CBL RIBN 26COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-126CBL RIBN 26COND .050 GRAY 100'260View Details
CBL RIBN 34COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-134CBL RIBN 34COND .050 GRAY 100'345 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 40COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-140CBL RIBN 40COND .050 GRAY 100'408 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 50COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-150CBL RIBN 50COND .050 GRAY 100'505 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 60COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-160CBL RIBN 60COND .050 GRAY 100'601 - ImmediateView Details
CBL RIBN 64COND .050 GRAY 100'191-2801-164CBL RIBN 64COND .050 GRAY 100'644 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-07-31