Hinj™ FPGA Sensor Hub and Development Kit

Alorium Technology's Hinj IoT sensor hub and FPGA development kit helps enhance industrial motion control solutions

Image of Alorium Technology's Hinj: FPGA Sensor Hub and Development KitAlorium Technology's Hinj board is the perfect platform for creating Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA based industrial solutions. With integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity plus a host of standard physical interfaces, Hinj provides the perfect hub for integrating both wired and wireless sensors and actuators with the user's custom FPGA logic.

The FPGA on Hinj comes loaded with Alorium Technology’s AVR compatible 8-bit microcontroller, making Hinj easy to program with the free and popular Arduino IDE. Out of the box, Hinj is immediately programmable with Arduino and compatible with a vast ecosystem of shields and accessories.

In addition to the familiar Arduino R3 style header interface, Hinj also supports Pmod™ and XBee® modules. Libraries and examples come pre-installed with the Hinj board support package and provide a quick path to easily interfacing with XBee and PMOD based sensors, actuators, human interfaces, and wireless radios.

The large bank of GPIO offers flexibility to add just about any other imaginable device to Hinj, and the user-configurable buttons, DIP switches, and LEDs give customers the ability to control and observe their design.

Hinj is powered by a 50 K LE MAX 10 FPGA providing the most available custom logic gates in the Intel MAX 10 family.

  • Intel MAX 10 FPGA (50 K LE)
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE
  • Embedded 8-bit AVR instruction set compatible microcontroller
  • Configurable with custom XBs on the FPGA
  • Integrated connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Modular Interfaces: XBee, Digilient Pmod, Arduino R3, and GPIO
  • Programming Interfaces: USB Serial UART, USB Blaster, Connected motion control, and JTAG microSD memory slot
  • Two user-configurable buttons
  • Eight assignable switches
  • Eight programmable LEDs
  • ADC performance: 1 MHz
  • ADC resolution: 12-bit sustained
  • ADC sample rate: 254 k samples/second
  • Program Flash: 32 KB
  • Data memory SRAM: 2 KB
  • Edge-node data analytics
  • Accelerated IoT machine learning
  • Connected motion control
  • IoT prototypes
  • Industrial IoT

Hinj FPGA Sensor Hub and Development Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable QuantityView Details

Intel MAX® 10

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LABs/CLBsNumber of Logic Elements/CellsTotal RAM BitsAvailable QuantityView Details
IC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DAF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000193536353 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DAF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000193536645 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DCF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA25040001935360View Details
IC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DCF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000193536362 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 101 I/O 144EQFP10M04SCE144C8GIC FPGA 101 I/O 144EQFP25040001935360View Details
IC FPGA 101 I/O 144EQFP10M04SCE144I7GIC FPGA 101 I/O 144EQFP2504000193536359 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M04SCU169I7GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA2504000193536369 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DAF484C8GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA500800038707261 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DAF484I7GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA5008000387072112 - ImmediateView Details
IC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M08DCF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA5008000387072229 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-09-17