920-0130-01 Datasheet by Schmartboard, Inc.

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920-0130-01 – Assorted Wire Jumper Hacker Kit
920-0130-01 Assorted Wire Jumper Hacker Kit
The Schmartboard Assorted Wire Jumper Hacker Kits contain 6 pieces of seven different colors of
1.0” heat shrink tubes and a row of extra-long headers. They can be used for modifying jumpers
you have in hand to the functionality that you need immediately. Examples of what you can use
them for: Change a female jumper into a male jumper; connect female jumpers together to create
longer jumpers; Color code jumpers to differentiate signals; Splice bare wires together; Let us
know your ideas so that we can add them.
Note-The diameter of these tubes were designed to work optimally with Schmartboard Jumpers.
The inner diameter of the tube is 3.0mm ±0.2 and after shrinking is ≤1.3mm. While we would
invite you to use these with other brands as well, we cannot guaranty that they will work. The
sheath on the ends of many jumpers in the market, are a much wider diameter than on those we
manufacturer and may be too fat to use these tubes. Schmartboard jumper receptacles are made
thinner to assure that you have ample room when working in tight spaces.
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