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Particle Ethernet FeatherWing

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: Particle Ethernet FeatherWing - FWNG-ETH
Description: The Ethernet FeatherWing is the fastest way to add wired connectivity to your Argon, Boron, or Xenon and turns any Particle Mesh developer kit into an Ethernet gateway. Based on the WIZnet W5500 chip, this side-by-side FeatherWing maintains great RF performance even while adding Ethernet connecti...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsEvaluation BoardsExpansion Boards

Particle FeatherWing Tripler

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: Particle FeatherWing Tripler - FWNG-TRP
Description: Perfect for any prototyping project, the Tripler provides space to add-on up to two FeatherWing accessories without any stacking header needs. Compatible with the newest generation of Particle developer kits (Particle Mesh). The Tripler has three breakouts for each pin on a Feather, as well as pl...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsEvaluation BoardsExpansion Boards

Power Shield

Particle Industries, Inc. PWRSHIELD

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: PWRSHIELD - Power Shield
Description: The Power Shield, as the name implies, allows the Particle device to be powered from different types of power sources. The shield has an intelligent battery charger and power management unit along with a wide input voltage regulator and an I²C based fuel-gauge. You can power a Particle device wit...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsEvaluation BoardsExpansion Boards

Relay Shield

Particle Industries, Inc. RLYSHIELD

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: RLYSHIELD - Relay Shield
Description: The shield comes with four relays that are rated at a max of 220V @10Amp allowing you to control any electric appliance rated at under 2000 Watts. You are not just limited to an appliance though; any gadget that requires high voltage and/or a lot of current can be controlled with this shield. The...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsEvaluation BoardsExpansion Boards

Shield Shield

Particle Industries, Inc. ARDSHIELD

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: ARDSHIELD - Shield Shield
Description: The Shield Shield converts the footprint and pins of your Photon or Core into that of an Arduino, allowing for use of existing Arduino shields and accessories. This shield converts the pin mapping of the Core to the Arduino pin layout and provides a voltage translation of 3.3V to/from 5V. Compati...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsEvaluation BoardsExpansion Boards


Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: Particle Debugger
Description: The Particle Debugger gives you the power of professional debugging at a fraction of the cost. Using this accessory, you’ll be able to program Particle mesh-ready hardware over common interfaces like JTAG and SWD, using open source tools like GDB. Supports the open source CMSIS-DAP specification ...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

Programmer Shield

Particle Industries, Inc. PROGSHIELD

Supplier: Particle Industries, Inc.

Subtitle: PROGSHIELD - Programmer Shield
Description: This is a FT2232H based JTAG programmer shield that is compatible with OpenOCD and Broadcom's WICED IDE. The FT2232 chip is setup to provide an USB-JTAG and USB-UART interface simultaneously. The FT2232 can be also reconfigured by the user by reprogramming the on-board config EEPROM. The unused p...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsProgrammers, Development SystemsProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers