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25L Series

Grayhill Inc. 25LB10-Q

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Mechanical Encoder
Description: The 25L series of encoders are inexpensive single deck mechanical encoders designed for human interface terminals. Hex, Gray and Quadrature Code.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

26 Series

Grayhill Inc. 26GS22-01-1-16S-C

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Mechanical Encoders
Description: Series 26 rotary encoders are PC mounted mechanical encoders that come complete with a threaded shaft.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

51 Series

Grayhill Inc. 51 Series

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Adjustable Stops Rotary Switches
Description: Set and reset stops to limit rotation. All dimensions are the same as for fixed stop switches. Switches are shipped with the stop blades located to limit rotation to 11 switch positions. For continuous rotation, remove both blades. For limited rotation, remove the 2nd (clockwise) blade and move i...

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

60A Series

Grayhill Inc. 60A18-4-RAC

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: 60 Series NavCoders
Description: NavCoder products are three-in-one human interface devices that combine a joystick, an optical encoder, and a pushbutton on a single shaft to provide directional and rotational control. Typically used to navigate through on-screen menus, NavCoders function as the human interface to on-board syste...

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

60C Series

Grayhill Inc. 61C11-01-08-01

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Multi-Function Joystick, Encoder
Description: This three in one, multifunction device integrates an optical encoder, joystick and pushbutton onto concentric shafts. 2 axis cable with connector.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

61B Series

Grayhill Inc. 61B15-01-02

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Rotary Encoder Switch
Description: The Series 61 rotary encoder switch can move cursor or icon on a display. Use the rotary and pushbutton switch to simply select a menu item and enter it, or write more elaborate display software. Use the Series 61 to input limit settings for a monitored function. Change an item on a checklist to ...

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

61C Series

Grayhill Inc. 61C Series

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Optical Encoders
Description: Grayhill’s optical encoders excel in the most demanding user interface applications that require discrete digital positioning and angular detection at start-up. The optical switching technology ensures a long life of up to 10 million cycles. Grayhill specializes in human interface encoders, which...

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

61K Series

Grayhill Inc. 61K Series

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Optical Encoders
Description: Standard high resolution, 4-Pin optical encoders.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

61R Series

Grayhill Inc. 61R Series

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Optical Encoders
Description: Standard high resolution, 5-Pin polarized connection optical encoders.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders

62A and 62V Series

Grayhill Inc. 62A11-02-P

Supplier: Grayhill Inc.

Subtitle: Optical Encoders
Description: 1/2" package optical encoders.

Category: Sensors, TransducersEncoders