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Microchip Technology
ATF15xx CPLD Development/Programmer Kit
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
XC2C64A CoolRunner™-II CPLD Development Board
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
XC9572XL CPLD Development Board
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XC2C64A CoolRunner™-II CPLD Development Board

102990004 CoolRunner™-II CPLD Development Board using the XC2C64A

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd

The CoolRunner™-II XC2C CPLD has two separate banks of pins that can operate at different voltages, internal pull-up resistors, and pin keepers. This development board from Dangerous Prototypes will help you build your first custom logic chip using simple schematic entry, Verilog, or VHDL.

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O'Reilly Media 9781457183225
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Xilinx Inc. CoolRunner™-II
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