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Standard Diodes

VCO for UHF Band RF Standard Diode

Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

  • Low Series Resistance
  • This device is suitable for use in a small-size tuner
  • Current - Max:50mA
  • Diode Type:Standard - Single
  • Operating Temperature:125°C (TJ) ~ 150°C (TJ)
  • Voltage - Peak Reverse (Max):10V ~ 30V

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1SV307(TPH3,F)1SV307(TPH3,F)RF DIODE STANDARD 30V USC Standard - Single30V0.5pF @ 1V, 1MHz-SC-76, SOD-323RoHS
JDV2S07FSTPL3JDV2S07FSTPL3RF DIODE STANDARD 10V FSC Standard - Single10V4.9pF @ 1V, 1MHz-2-SMD, Flat LeadRoHS
JDV2S09FSTPL3JDV2S09FSTPL3RF DIODE STANDARD 10V FSC Standard - Single10V11.1pF @ 1V, 1MHz-2-SMD, Flat LeadRoHS
JDV2S41FS(TPL3)JDV2S41FS(TPL3)RF DIODE STANDARD 15V FSC Standard - Single15V16pF @ 2V, 1MHz-2-SMD, Flat LeadRoHS
JDV2S10FS(TPL3)JDV2S10FS(TPL3)RF DIODE STANDARD 10V FSC Standard - Single10V3.4pF @ 2.5V, 1MHz-2-SMD, Flat LeadRoHS

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