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Daburn Electronics
SH277 Series
Daburn Electronics
SM278 Series
Daburn Electronics
SM278 Series

SM278 Series

Polyolefin Heat Shrink

Daburn Electronics

DAFLEX SM278 is a flexible, large ratio, heat shrinkable tubing with a meltable adhesive liner.

Product Description

When 120°C is applied, the tubing will shrink to 25% of its supplied size (4:1). Longitudinal shrinkage is 10% maximum. As the outer wall shrinks, the inner adhesive liner melts and flows. When cooled, it offers protection for a variety of electrical applications as well as "sealed-in" protection from chemicals and oils. Because of its large shrink ratio and adhesive liner it offers excellent protection for cable repairs and retrofitting.

  • Color:Black
  • Features:Adhesive Lined, Fluid Resistant
  • Material:Polyolefin (PO)
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 135°C
  • Shrink Temperature:120°C
  • Shrinkage Ratio:4 to 1
  • Type:Tubing, Flexible

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SM278-3/4"SM278-3/4"HEATSHRINK 4:1 DUAL BLK 3/4"x4' Tubing, Flexible4 to 14.00' (1.22m)0.630" (16.00mm)RoHS
SM278-1/2"SM278-1/2"HEATSHRINK DUAL WALL BLK 1/2"X4'Tubing, Flexible4 to 14.00' (1.22m)0.472" (11.99mm)RoHS
SM278-1"SM278-1"HEATSHRINK DUAL WALL BK 1" X 4' Tubing, Flexible4 to 14.00' (1.22m)0.945" (24.00mm)RoHS
SM278-1 1/4"SM278-1 1/4"HEATSHRINK DUAL WAL BK 1 1/4"X4'Tubing, Flexible4 to 14.00' (1.22m)1.260" (32.00mm)RoHS
SM278-5/16"SM278-5/16"HEATSHRINK DUAL WALL BLK 5/16" Tubing, Flexible4 to 1100.0' (30.5m)0.315" (8.00mm)RoHS
SM278-3/16"SM278-3/16"HEATSHRINK DUAL WALL BLK 3/16" Tubing, Flexible4 to 1100.0' (30.5m)0.157" (3.99mm)RoHS

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