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Assmann WSW Components
Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies
CNC Tech
Single Ended Plug to Cable Assemblies
Harwin Inc.
DIL Flex Circuit Assembly, 100mm, Single-End, Jackscrews

Single Ended Plug to Cable Assemblies

0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch, Unshielded, Dual Row Plug to Cable, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

CNC Tech

  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Plug to Cable
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:Flash
  • Features:Polarizing Key
  • Length:3.00' (914.40mm)
  • Number of Positions:10 ~ 40
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Cable:0.050" (1.27mm)
  • Pitch - Connector:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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L1KXH-1036NL1KXH-1036NIDC CBL -LPK10H/CN217GR/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-1036CL1KXH-1036CIDC CBL -LPK10H/CN223MC/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-1436NL1KXH-1436NIDC CBL -LPK14H/CN218GR/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-1436CL1KXH-1436CIDC CBL -LPK14H/CN224MC/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-1636NL1KXH-1636NIDC CBL -LPK16H/CN219GR/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-1636CL1KXH-1636CIDC CBL -LPK16H/CN225MC/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-2036NL1KXH-2036NIDC CBL -LPK20H/CN220GR/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-2036CL1KXH-2036CIDC CBL -LPK20H/CN226MC/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-2636NL1KXH-2636NIDC CBL -LPK26H/CN221GR/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-2636CL1KXH-2636CIDC CBL -LPK26H/CN227MC/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-4036NL1KXH-4036NIDC CBL -LPK40H/CN222GR/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1KXH-4036CL1KXH-4036CIDC CBL -LPK40H/CN228MC/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS

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