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Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
Seeeduino Nano Compact Board
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
Seeeduino Stalker V3.1 Board
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
Seeeduino V4.2 (ATMega328P)
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Seeeduino Stalker V3.1 Board

102010070 Seeeduino Stalker V3.1 Board

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd

Seeeduino Stalker v3 is an Arduino compatible main board, which has various functions. It is an X-Bee carrier board while using with X-Bee modules, such as GPS Bee, Bluetooth Bee and Wifi Bee, etc. It is a charger for LiPo while plugging a solar panel onto the board. In addition, you can get time from the inside RTC chip, and all data can be easily stored through the SD card. Seeeduino Stalker v3 has an independent ecological system and it is good for applications in outdoor environment.

  • Arduino compatible, based on Seeeduino
  • Onboard microcontroller: ATmega328P
  • Onboard Real Time Clock chip with a supercap as a backup power source
  • Serial interface with DTR for auto reset during programming when operating in standalone mode. (For programming, UartSBee must be bought separately)
  • MicroSD card socket
  • I²C Pin header (operation voltage is selectable: 5.0V or 3.3V)
  • User defined LED
  • Bee series socket - 2 10 pin 2.0mm pitch (which will mate with - one at a time - any of the wireless modules: XBee, BluetoothBee, GPSBee or RFBee.)
  • Please note that The IO Ports work in 0 - 3.3V level only
  • Board Type:Evaluation Platform
  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Core Processor:AVR
  • Interconnect System:Arduino R3 Shield, Grove
  • Mounting Type:Fixed
  • Platform:Seeeduino Stalker V3.1
  • Suggested Programming Environment:Arduino
  • Type:MCU 8-Bit
  • Utilized IC / Part:ATmega328P
Associated Product
Microchip Technology AVR® ATmega 32KB Flash
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-Embedded-Microcontrollers (MCU)-8-Bit-AVR