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Micro Commercial Co
Schottky Diode Array
Microsemi Power Products Group
Schottky Diode Array
Nexperia USA Inc.
Schottky Diode Array
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Schottky Diode Array

Schottky Diode

Microsemi Power Products Group

A leader in the Power Semiconductor industry, Microsemi Power Products Group has a full range of products including Schottky diodes.

  • Current - Average Rectified (Io) (per Diode):45A ~ 120A
  • Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:1mA ~ 500µA
  • Current Coupled to Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:30A ~ 100A
  • Diode Configuration:1 Pair Common Cathode ~ 2 Independent
  • Diode Type:Schottky
  • Packaging:Tube
  • Reverse Recovery Time (trr):55ns ~ 70ns
  • Speed:Fast Recovery =< 500ns, > 200mA (Io)
  • Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max):200V
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:850mV ~ 950mV
  • Voltage Coupled to Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:200V

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APT100S20LCTGAPT100S20LCTGDIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 200V TO264 1 Pair Common CathodeSchottky200V120ATO-264-3, TO-264AARoHS
APT30S20BCTGAPT30S20BCTGDIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 200V TO247 1 Pair Common CathodeSchottky200V45ATO-247-3RoHS
APT60S20B2CTGAPT60S20B2CTGDIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 200V TMAX 1 Pair Common CathodeSchottky200V75ATO-247-3 VariantRoHS
APT2X101S20JAPT2X101S20JDIODE MODULE 200V 120A ISOTOP 2 IndependentSchottky200V120AISOTOPRoHS
APT2X31S20JAPT2X31S20JDIODE MODULE 200V 45A ISOTOP 2 IndependentSchottky200V45ASOT-227-4, miniBLOCRoHS
APT2X61S20JAPT2X61S20JDIODE MODULE 200V 75A ISOTOP 2 IndependentSchottky200V75AISOTOPRoHS

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