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GeneSiC Semiconductor
QC Terminal Bridge Rectifiers
QC Terminal Bridge Rectifiers
Micro Commercial Co
QC Terminal Bridge Rectifiers
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QC Terminal Bridge Rectifiers

Single Phase Bridge Rectifier


These are singe phase rectifier bridges and are easy to mount with one screw. They also are space and weight savers and have improved temperature and power cycling.

  • Avalanche rated parts available
  • Package with DCB ceramic base plate
  • Planar passivated chips
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • ¼" fast-on terminals
  • Supplies for DC power equipment
  • Input rectifiers for PWM inverter
  • Battery DC power supplies
  • Field supply for DC motors
  • Current - Average Rectified (Io):21A ~ 38A
  • Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:40µA ~ 300µA
  • Current Coupled to Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:15A ~ 150A
  • Mounting Type:QC Terminal
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
  • Package / Case:4-Square, FO-A ~ 5-Square, FO-B
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:1.04V ~ 2.2V
  • Voltage - Peak Reverse (Max):1.2kV ~ 1.8kV
  • Voltage Coupled to Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:1200V ~ 1800V

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VBO20-16AO2VBO20-16AO2BRIDGE RECT 1P 1.6KV 31A FO-A Single PhaseAvalanche1.6kV31A4-Square, FO-ARoHS
VBO22-12NO8VBO22-12NO8BRIDGE RECT 1P 1.2KV 21A FO-B Single PhaseStandard1.2kV21A4-Square, FO-BRoHS
VBO22-16NO8VBO22-16NO8BRIDGE RECT 1P 1.6KV 21A FO-B Single PhaseStandard1.6kV21A4-Square, FO-BRoHS
VBO20-12NO2VBO20-12NO2BRIDGE RECT 1P 1.2KV 31A FO-A Single PhaseStandard1.2kV31A4-Square, FO-ARoHS
VBO25-12NO2VBO25-12NO2BRIDGE RECT 1P 1.2KV 38A FO-A Single PhaseStandard1.2kV38A4-Square, FO-ARoHS
VUO25-12NO8VUO25-12NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.2KV 25A PWS-E1 Three PhaseStandard1.2kV25A5-Square, FO-BRoHS
VUO36-16NO8VUO36-16NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.6KV 27A FO-B Three PhaseStandard1.6kV27A5-Square, FO-BRoHS
VUO36-12NO8VUO36-12NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.2KV 27A FO-B Three PhaseStandard1.2kV27A5-Square, FO-BRoHS
VBO36-16NO8VBO36-16NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.6KV 30A FO-B Three PhaseStandard1.6kV30A4-Square, FO-BRoHS
VUO25-16NO8VUO25-16NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.6KV 25A PWS-E1 Three PhaseStandard1.6kV25A5-Square, FO-BRoHS
VUO36-18NO8VUO36-18NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.8KV 27A FO-B Three PhaseStandard1.8kV27A5-Square, FO-BRoHS
VUO36-14NO8VUO36-14NO8BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.4KV 27A FO-B Three PhaseStandard1.4kV27A5-Square, FO-BRoHS

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