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Otii Arc

Qoitech AB

The Otii Arc acts both as a power supply to the tested IoT device and as a current and voltage measurement unit. It can be powered by USB from a laptop for portable and compact measurement set-ups, or by a 9 V DC power supply. It provides up to 5 V output voltage and current measurements with a sample rate of 4 ksps for the range of 1 µA - 5 A. An additional measurement channel is available via ADC in the expansion port, which also provides UART, Digital I/O and SENSE pins. The Otii Software runs on multiple platforms, is quick to install and provides means for continuous measurements. The UI is intuitive and allows for real time analysis; scroll, zoom and select parts of the current consumption while measuring. New recordings are easily added on top of the previous ones which makes it easy to track changes in the power consumption throughout development. For iterative tasks, automated testing can be performed by built-in scripting features.

  • For Use With/Related Products:DC Power Sources
  • Tool Type:Power Analyzer Datalogger
Associated Product
SparkFun Electronics DEV-11114
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Programmers, Development Systems-Evaluation Boards-General Embedded-MCU
XP Power VER18 Series
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Power Supplies-AC to DC Converters-Desktop, Wall Adapters-11W to 20W