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CNC Tech
Stranded Hook-Up Wire, XLPE Insulation Irradiated
Daburn Electronics
MIL-W-16878 Type B, C Series
Daburn Electronics
MIL-W-22759, 2475 Series

MIL-W-16878 Type B, C Series

Irradiated PVC Hook-Up Wire

Daburn Electronics

Daburn's irradiated PVC Hook-up wire is made from extruded polyvinyl chloride insulation which has been exposed to controlled radiation. This exposure causes the insulation to become far superior to ordinary PVC in temperature, abrasion and cut-through resistance. It can withstand direct contact with a soldering iron and it will not shrink back, melt or deform. Ideal for hi-density wiring.

  • Cable Type:Hook-Up
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (XLPVC), Irradiated
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 105°C
  • Voltage:600V ~ 1000V
  • Wire Gauge:16 AWG ~ 28 AWG

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2200/28OR-10002200/28OR-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG ORANGE 1000'Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28GY-10002200/28GY-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG GRAY 1000' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28GR-10002200/28GR-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG GREEN 1000' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28BR-10002200/28BR-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG BROWN 1000' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28BU-10012200/28BU-1001HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG BLUE 1000' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22BK-10002201/22BK-1000HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLACK 1000' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22RD-10002201/22RD-1000HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG RED 1000' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26BK-1002200/26BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28BR-1002200/28BR-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG BROWN 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28VI-1002200/28VI-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG VIOLET 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28GY-1002200/28GY-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG GRAY 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26GR-1002200/26GR-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG GREEN 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26GY-1002200/26GY-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG GRAY 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26YL-1002200/26YL-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG YELLOW 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26WH-1002200/26WH-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG WHITE 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26OR-1002200/26OR-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG ORANGE 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26BR-1002200/26BR-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG BROWN 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26VI-1002200/26VI-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG VIOLET 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26RD-1002200/26RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG RED 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/26BU-1012200/26BU-101HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG BLUE 100' Hook-Up26 AWG7/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22BK-1002200/22BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up22 AWG7/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/24RD-1002200/24RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG RED 100' Hook-Up24 AWG7/32Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/24BK-1002200/24BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up24 AWG7/32Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/24VI-1002200/24VI-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG VIOLET 100' Hook-Up24 AWG7/32Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/24YL-1002200/24YL-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG YELLOW 100' Hook-Up24 AWG7/32Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/24GR-1002200/24GR-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG GREEN 100' Hook-Up24 AWG7/32Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22RD-1002200/22RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG RED 100' Hook-Up22 AWG7/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22BU-1012200/22BU-101HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLUE 100' Hook-Up22 AWG7/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22YL-1002200/22YL-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG YELLOW 100' Hook-Up22 AWG7/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/24WH-1002201/24WH-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG WHITE 100' Hook-Up24 AWG19/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22BK-1002201/22BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22BR-1002201/22BR-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BROWN 100' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22GR-1002201/22GR-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG GREEN 100' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/24GR-1002201/24GR-100HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG GREEN 100' Hook-Up24 AWG19/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22BU-1012201/22BU-101HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLUE 100' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/22RD-1002201/22RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG RED 100' Hook-Up22 AWG19/34Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22SRD-1002200/22SRD-100HOOK-UP SOLID 22AWG RED 100' Hook-Up22 AWGSolidCopper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22SWH-1002200/22SWH-100HOOK-UP SOLID 22AWG WHITE 100' Hook-Up22 AWGSolidCopper, TinnedRoHS
2215/28RD-1002215/28RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG RED 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2215/28BK-1002215/28BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2215/28WH-1002215/28WH-100HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG WHITE 100' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/18GY-1002201/18GY-100HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG GRAY 100' Hook-Up18 AWG19/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/18WH-1002201/18WH-100HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG WHITE 100' Hook-Up18 AWG19/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/18GR-1002201/18GR-100HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG GREEN 100' Hook-Up18 AWG19/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2201/18BK-1002201/18BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up18 AWG19/30Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/16GY-1002200/16GY-100HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG GRAY 100' Hook-Up16 AWG19/29Copper, TinnedRoHS
2215/16BK-1002215/16BK-100HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG BLACK 100' Hook-Up16 AWG19/29Copper, TinnedRoHS
2215/16RD-1002215/16RD-100HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG RED 100' Hook-Up16 AWG19/29Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28YL-10002200/28YL-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG YELLOW 1000'Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28VI-10002200/28VI-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG VIOLET 1000'Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/28WH-10002200/28WH-1000HOOK-UP STRND 28AWG WHITE 1000' Hook-Up28 AWG7/36Copper, TinnedRoHS
2200/22SBK-10002200/22SBK-1000HOOK-UP SOLID 22AWG BLACK 1000' Hook-Up22 AWGSolidCopper, TinnedRoHS
2215/16RD-10002215/16RD-1000HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG RED 1000' Hook-Up16 AWG19/29Copper, TinnedRoHS
2215/16BK-10002215/16BK-1000HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG BLACK 1000' Hook-Up16 AWG19/29Copper, TinnedRoHS

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Daburn Electronics 2200/28BK-100
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Cables, Wires-Single Conductor