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Kionix Inc.
KX124 Evaluation Board
Kionix Inc.
KX126 Evaluation Board
Kionix Inc.
KX222 Evaluation Board

KX126 Evaluation Board

KX126-1063-EVB0A1 Evaluation Board using the KX126-1063 ± 2g / 4g / 8g Tri-axis Digital Accelerometer

Kionix Inc.

The KX126-1063 is a tri-axis ±2g, ±4g or ±8g silicon micromachined accelerometer with integrated Pedometer, 2048-byte buffer, orientation, Tap/Double-Tap™, activity detecting, and Free fall algorithms. The sense element is fabricated using Kionix’s proprietary plasma micromachining process technology. Acceleration sensing is based on the principle of a differential capacitance arising from acceleration-induced motion of the sense element, which further utilizes common mode cancellation to decrease errors from process variation, temperature, and environmental stress. The sense element is hermetically sealed at the wafer level by bonding a second silicon lid wafer to the device using a glass frit. A separate ASIC device packaged with the sense element provides signal conditioning, and intelligent user-programmable application algorithms.

  • Embedded:Yes, ASIC
  • Interface:I²C, Serial, SPI
  • Sensing Range:±2g, 4g, 8g
  • Sensor Type:Accelerometer, 3 Axis
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:KX126-1063
  • Voltage - Supply:1.71V ~ 3.6V