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Dolphin Sensor Starter Kit
EDK350U Developer Kit
ESK300U Starter Kit
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EDK350U Developer Kit

Developer Kit for the Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches, Sensors and Networks in the 902 MHz Band


The kit covers the entire product range in 902 MHz, from energy harvesting and wireless modules to ready-made product solutions. The kit is part of a modular concept with which EnOcean can offer OEMs a cost-effective and customized development platform for fast integration of energy harvesting wireless into building and industrial automation, smart home as well as machine-to-machine systems. “The kit’s Plug and Play features enable straightforward integration into an OEM’s hardware and provide comprehensive development tools and application software resulting in efficient design and fast time to market.

Product Description

The developer kit’s central element is a universal programmer board EOP 350. In combination with EnOcean’s DolphinStudio PC software, the kit provides application development, configuration and programming for EnOcean wireless modules targeted for the OEMs unique needs. The complete EDK 350U includes a suite of EnOcean products: TCM 320U (line-powered transceiver module), STM 300U (universal wireless sensor module), ECO 200 (mechanical energy converter), PTM 330U (transmitter module for ECO 200), PTM 210U (energy harvesting switch module), STM 33xU (solar-powered temperature sensor module), USB 300U (USB wireless gateway to PC), DolphinStudio (configuration and programming software) and DolphinAPI (application programming interface). The package is completed by the DolphinView PC software for visualizing and analyzing the wireless protocol. The application profiles (EnOcean Equipment Profiles or EEP) that enable interoperability between devices and manufacturers can also be transmitted and interpreted with the kit.

  • For Use With/Related Products:Dolphin
  • Frequency:902MHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Transceiver, Energy Harvesting