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Dual Tweeter Receiver
ED/FED Series
EH/FEH Series
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ED/FED Series

High Performance Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature


Knowles' most versatile and most popular receiver, the ED series powers applications ranging from Standard BTE aids and Mini-BTE aids to Full Concha and Half Concha ITE instruments. The ED is made even more functional by the addition of ferrofluid. Its shock survivability makes it a robust receiver for many applications. FED receivers also damp acoustic peaks and reduce vibration to solve feedback problems and closing issues in ITE hearing instruments.

  • Compact size
  • Undamped, screen damped, internally damped, and Ferrofluid™ damped response
  • Appreciable output power
  • Numerous port locations
  • Wide range coil impedances
  • High efficiency and low distortion
  • Two and three terminal versions
Applications :
  • Earpieces
  • High performance audio
  • Communication products
  • Frequency Range:20Hz ~ 200Hz
  • Impedance:10.2 Ohms ~ 1.45 kOhms
  • Shape:Rectangular
  • Technology:Magnetic
  • Termination:Solder Pads

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ED-21913-000ED-21913-000SPEAKER 1.45KOHM SIDE PORT 117DBMagneticReceiver, Balanced Armature200Hz-RoHS
ED-27305-000ED-27305-000SPEAKER SIDE PORT RECT MagneticReceiver, Balanced Armature20Hz-RoHS
ED-23619-000ED-23619-000SPEAKER 10.2OHM SIDE PORT 117DB MagneticReceiver200Hz-RoHS
ED-29689-000ED-29689-000SPEAKER 7.1OHM SIDE PORT RECT MagneticReceiver200Hz-RoHS

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