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TDK Corporation
TSF, H and GA Series
Murata Electronics
DHS Series
TDK Corporation
FD and MD Series

DHS Series

High Voltage, Chassis Mount Ceramic Capacitors

Murata Electronics

The DHS Series, are designed to meet the stringent requirements of high voltage applications. These capacitors are especially appropriate for applications which require a low dissipation factor and a small voltage coefficient.

  • Epoxy resin encapsulated
  • Small size
  • Low dissipation factor and low heating value
  • Linear temperature characteristic
  • Low DC, AC-voltage coefficient
  • Gas laser
  • DC HV power supplies
  • Lightning arresters, voltage distribution systems
  • Electron microscopes, synchroscopes
  • Electrostatic coating machines
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:140pF ~ 5300pF
  • Features:High Voltage
  • Mounting Type:Requires Holder
  • Package / Case:Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded

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DHS4E4G141KC2BDHS4E4G141KC2BCAP CER 140PF 40KV N4700 DISK 140pF±10%40000V (40kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4G141MCXBDHS4E4G141MCXBCAP CER 140PF 40KV N4700 DISK 140pF±20%40000V (40kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4F191KC2BDHS4E4F191KC2BCAP CER 190PF 30KV N4700 DISK 190pF±10%30000V (30kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4F191MCXBDHS4E4F191MCXBCAP CER 190PF 30KV N4700 DISK 190pF±20%30000V (30kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4G441KH2BDHS4E4G441KH2BCAP CER 440PF 40KV N4700 DISK 440pF±10%40000V (40kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4F591KH2BDHS4E4F591KH2BCAP CER 590PF 30KV N4700 DISK 590pF±10%30000V (30kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4G701KL2BDHS4E4G701KL2BCAP CER 700PF 40KV N4700 DISK 700pF±10%40000V (40kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHSF44D102ZHXBDHSF44D102ZHXBCAP CER 1000PF 20KV Z5V DISK 1000pF-20%, +80%20000V (20kV)Z5VDisk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4D142MLXBDHS4E4D142MLXBCAP CER 1400PF 20KV N4700 DISK 1400pF±20%20000V (20kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4C192KL2BDHS4E4C192KL2BCAP CER 1900PF 15KV N4700 DISK 1900pF±10%15000V (15kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4C192MLXBDHS4E4C192MLXBCAP CER 1900PF 15KV N4700 DISK 1900pF±20%15000V (15kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4G202KT2BDHS4E4G202KT2BCAP CER 2000PF 40KV N4700 DISK 2000pF±10%40000V (40kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4F272KT2BDHS4E4F272KT2BCAP CER 2700PF 30KV N4700 DISK 2700pF±10%30000V (30kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHSF44G272ZT2BDHSF44G272ZT2BCAP CER 2700PF 40KV Z5U DISK 2700pF-20%, +80%40000V (40kV)Z5UDisk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
DHS4E4C532KT2BDHS4E4C532KT2BCAP CER 5300PF 15KV N4700 DISK 5300pF±10%15000V (15kV)N4700Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS

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