Knowles Knowles CB-23817-000

CB Series

High Performance Audio Products, Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, Edge And Face Port


The CB Series transceiver offers high electroacoustic efficiency to conserve power in push to talk radio handsets and other battery operated equipment. The CB is available with mounting pins to facilitate assembly to a PC board. Model CB-23817-000 is designed to survive submersion in water.

  • Efficiency - Type:Sensitivity
  • Frequency Range:300Hz ~ 700Hz
  • Height - Seated (Max):0.990" (25.15mm)
  • Impedance:48 Ohms
  • Port Location:Top
  • Shape:Square
  • Size / Dimension:0.990" L x 1.000" W (25.15mm x 25.40mm)
  • Technology:Magnetic
  • Termination:PC Pins
  • Type:Receiver, Balanced Armature
CB-23817-000CB-23817-000SPEAKER 48OHM SIDE PORT 90DB SQ MagneticReceiver, Balanced Armature700Hz-RoHS
CB-22850-000CB-22850-000SPEAKER 48OHM SIDE PORT SQUARE MagneticReceiver, Balanced Armature300Hz-RoHS