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Powerex Inc.
BG2A Universal Gate Drive Prototype Boards
Powerex Inc.
BG2C Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board
Powerex Inc.
BP2B Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board
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BG2C Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board

BG2C-5015 Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board using the Powerex VLA513 Hybrid Gate Driver and VLA106 DC to DC Converter

Powerex Inc.

The BG2C is a two channel gate drive circuit designed for use with high frequency optimized IGBT modules. The BG2C utilizes Powerex VLA507 or VLA513 hybrid gate drivers and VLA106 series DC to DC converters to provide efficient switching of modules rated up to 300A. The hybrid gate drivers include high speed opto-couplers with typical propagation delay times as short as 200ns for control signal isolation. The hybrid DC to DC converters provide fully isolated control power for each driving channel.

  • 3A or 5A Peak Output Current
  • 2500Vrms isolation for control power and signals
  • Standard AMP MTA .100" input/output connectors
  • Operates from a single 15VDC or 24VDC supply
  • Wide output voltage swing +15V/-8V
  • Low parts count – Only 17 parts for two channels
  • Compact Size 2.7" x 2.4" (69mm x 61mm)
  • BG2C is designed for use with Powerex NFH Series and CM***DUS-12F high frequency IGBT modules
  • Embedded:No
  • Function:IGBT Power Module Driver
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:Powerex IGBT Modules
Associated Product
Powerex Inc. VLA106-15242
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Power Supplies-DC to DC Converters-Board Mount-2W to 3W