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AnDAPT, Inc.
AnD8240 Evaluation Board
AnDAPT, Inc.
AnD8302 Evaluation Board
AnDAPT, Inc.
AnD8320 Evaluation Board

AnD8302 Evaluation Board

AND8302EB Evaluation Board

AnDAPT, Inc.

The AnD8302 Adaptable PMIC uses AnDAPT AmP™ advanced technology consisting of fully flexible digital fabric combined with high performance analog blocks. The AnD8302 consists of three configurable, high-output-current Synchronous Buck Regulators and two high current load switches. The AnD8302 is fully tested and ready to use in designs. The AnD8302 Buck regulators uses Voltage Mode methodology. The AnD8302 also has an integrated sequencer and 4 additional integrated fixed output LDOs. The user can modify output voltage and rail sequencing using resistor or WebAdapter™ online tools. The sequencer has the capability to be based on timed delays or Power Good signals. Adaptable PMICs provide fastest prototyping and time to market, while providing best in class performance and flexibility. The AnD8302 design is available in the WebAmP™ software tool library for full customization capability. The Adaptable PMIC is optimized to power high end Processors by integrating multiple power rails into single chip designs.

  • Function:Digital Power Controller
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:AnD8302
Associated Product
AnDAPT, Inc. Linear + Switching
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Power Management-Voltage Regulators-Linear + Switching